Hopkins, Watson Win Freshburst 5 Miler

by Clay Shaw

LITITZ, PA, JUNE, 29, 2019—The warm humid days of early summer greeted the runners for the 24th Annual Freshburst 5 Miler.  The Johnson & Johnson plant in Lititz is the host of the event which benefits Ronald McDonald House.

Duncan Hopkins of Lancaster PA won easily in 27:23.  Alex Pearson of Hummelstown was second in 28:19. Daryl Weaver of Lititz was third overall and top Master in 28:19.  The cash awards were non- double dip and unusually, they started their Masters category at 45. 

Georganne Watson of Lititz won the women’s division easily in 31:38, with just six men ahead of her. Former PA resident Vicki Boyer of Grants Pass, Oregon was second in 34:53, and top Master, despite missing two months of training while coaching track in Oregon.  Kelly Dworak of Carlisle, at age 57, was third overall in 37:16, just ahead of Mardiny Ung of Elizabethtown (age 52) in 37:33.  Most of the Masters (all but one over 45) rocked the results.  The remarkable Heidi Moebius, at age 80 ran 49:06.  Heidi had recently represented the USA in the Masters Track World Championships in Torun, Poland.  Heidi told me that she had arrived in Torun, but her luggage had not, Heidi smartly packed essential racing gear in her carry-on.  172 runners completed the 5 miler, which also had a companion 5K run/walk. 

Top Men

  1. 27:23 Duncan Hopkins
  2. 28:01 Alex Pearson
  3. 28:19 Daryl Weaver (46)
  4. 28:43 Alex Miller
  5. 30:37 Mark Langan (49)
  6. 31:34 Brett Burkholder
  7. 31:41 Tim Schuler (56)
  8. 32:29 Nathan Kimme;
  9. 33:30 Rick Maryniak
  10. 34:05 Matthew Seigford (54)

Top Women

  1. 31:38 Georganne Watson
  2. 34:53 Vicki Boyer (46) OR
  3. 37:16 Kelly Dworak (57)
  4. 37:33 Mardiny Ung (52)
  5. 37:48 Diana Griffiths (48)
  6. 38:19 Nicole Cassel (41)
  7. 38:52 Gretchen Stevenson
  8. 39:52 Sarah Sell (40)
  9. 40:36 Erika Schell
  10. 40:54 Danielle Berger (47)
Georganne Watson of Lititz wins in Lititz, in 31:34.
Duncan Hopkins of Lancaster wins the Freshburst 5 Mile Run in 27:23.
Vicki Boyer of Grants Pass, OR finishes second overall, on return to her native Lancaster County.
Mardiny Ung of Elizabethtown finishes 4th overall in 37:33.
Heidi Moebius of Lancaster, world class at 80. Finishes the Freshburst 5 miler in 49:06.

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