Barrett, Burke Dominate Squaw Peak

By Clay Shaw

PROVO, UT, JUNE 8, 2019—Kyle Barrett of Salt Lake City won his second straight Squaw Peak 50 title. Barrett’s time of 7:45:01 gave him an 18-minute victory.  Nicholas Sourlos of West Jordan, Utah was second and top Master (no double dip) in 8:01:03.  Ian Farris of Draper, UT was third in 8:08:01. Navajo carvings went to the top two overall, and the top two Masters Mick Jurynec of Millcreek, UT (5th, 8:11:55), and Brandon Dase of Spanish Fork, UT (6th, 8:11:55).

Megan Burke of Winter Park, Colorado won the women’s overall by a full hour.  Megan finished in 8:38:46, with only nine men placing ahead of her.  Megan is originally from West Chester, PA. and played field hockey at Penn State.  She is looking at the Eastern States 100 in Lycoming County, PA (August 10) as her next event.   Tiff Schwartz of Salt Lake City was second in 9:38:41. Shannon Black of Heber City, UT was third in 9:43:27.  The Navajo carving winning Masters were Caitlin van den Berg of Cape Town, South Africa in 10:15:52 placing 8th overall.  Keira McMahon of Nederland, CO was second Master and 9th overall in 10:20:28.  Your photographers Karen Mitchell and Clay Shaw are very proud of our niece, Keira, on her great run in the Utah Mountains.

The 23rd running of the Squaw Peak 50 Miler had its challenges in 2019.  For only the second time, the normal loop course featuring Windy Pass could not be used due to abundant winter snowfall that made the course unusable.  The course ran through much of the normal trails in the first part of the race, that included a bonus out-and-back on Buffalo Peak.  The 2019 course was mainly an out-and-back with a couple of loops. It still had its wonderful scenery and challenges, as well as its share of snow-covered trails.

The 2019 event had 293 finishers, just one shy of the 294 set in 2018.  Despite its reputation as the fourth hardest 50-mile race in the USA, the 2019 running had a 95% finish rate.  The average has been 92% over the previous 22 years. 

Top Women

  1. 8:38:46 Megan Burke CO
  2. 9:38:41 Tiff Schwartz UT
  3. 9:43:27 Shannon Black UT
  4. 9:43:51 Dana Anderson UT
  5. 9:43:52 Aubrey Heward UT
  6. 9:51:24 Laynie Markisich UT
  7. 10:05:26 Alicia Heninger UT
  8. 10:15:52 Caitlin Van Den Berg RSA (50)
  9. 10:20:28 Keira McMahon CO (44)
  10. 10:24:34 Megan Bowen MT
  11. 10:24:35 Meghan Campbell UT
  12. 10:29:27 Savannah Hardcastle UT
  13. 10:32:32 Holly Trapp UT (48)
  14. 10:47:38 Deanna Morley UT (52)
  15. 10:48:08 Melanie Clayton UT (46)

Top Men

  1. 7:45:01 Kyle Barrett UT
  2. 8:01:03 Nicholas Sourlos UT (41)
  3. 8:08:01 Ian Ferris UT
  4. 8:14:55 Mick Jurynec UT (41)
  5. 8:14:55 Tyler Waterhouse UT
  6. 8:12:34 Brandon Dase UT (43)
  7. 8:22:11 Danny Ellis UT
  8. 8:27:24 Scott Shine CO
  9. 8:36:47 Jared Larrabee UT (44)
  10. 8:44:42 Tyler Fannin UT (42)
  11. 8:45:09 Jonathan Crawley UT
  12. 8:47:30 Joseph Taylor UT (47)
  13. 8:56:48 Daniel Woodbury UT
  14. 8:57:16 Michael Braman UT
  15. 9:01:57 Eric Malkowski UT
Race Director John Bozung with Top 3 women overall. Meg Burke (left) 1st, Tiff Schwartz (center) 2nd, and Shannon Black (right) 3rd.
Top 3 men overall: Ian Ferris (left) 3rd, Kyle Barrett (center) 1st, and Nicholas Sourlos (right) 2nd.
Lots of treats at Hope Campground, 1st aid station on the course.
Wan Ho Kou of Herrimam, UT has plenty of energy for a big jump photo op overlooking Utah Lake.
Collette Haney of Albuquerque, New Mexico makes her way up the Buffalo Peak Trail, as the sun comes up.
Keira McMahon of Nederland, Colorado cruising down the Buffalo Peak Trail. Keira placed 9th/2nd master
Lorena Bush of Sandy, Utah on the Buffalo Peak Trail with a snowy backdrop. Loads of snow caused the need for an alternate course in 2019.
Savannah Hardcastle of Draper, UT heads down the Buffalo Peak Trail. Hardcastle placed 12th among women overall.
Meg Burke of Winter Park, Colorado won by an hour, in 8:38:46. Only nine men were ahead of Megan, a Penn State alumnus.
Kyle Barrett of Salt Lake City hammers uphill on his way to his second straight Squaw Peak 50 miler victory. Barrett won in 7:45:01 (by 16 minutes), and was third best SP50 mile ever.
Becky Johnson of Ogden, UT on the Buffalo Peak Trail.
Justin Larson of Lehi, UT on the Buffalo Peak trail that overlooks Utah Lake.
Tyson Rich #261 of Pleasant Grove, UT, with perhaps his brother (number not visible), on the Buffalo Peak Trail.
Savannah Hardcastle negotiates the downhill ditch to the Squaw Peak Road after the Buffalo Peak out n back.
Allison Corey of Ogden, UT coming down from the Buffalo Peak trail, followed by Brian Corey.
Keira McMahon heads up to Buffalo Peak in the early morning light.
Savannah Hardcastle of Draper, UT placed 12th female in 10:29:27. This scenic meadow was approx mile 42.
Keira McMahon of Nederland, Colorado wisely uses trekking poles on this final uphill meadow. Keira placed 9th among women, and was second master.
Caitlin Van Den Berg of Cape Town, South Africa placed 8th overall and top master in 10:15:52.
Happy 50 mile finishers Lorena Bush (left), and Katie Barney #8.
Shannon Black of Heber City, Utah happy with 3rd female overall in 9:43:27.
Sierra Degroff of Las Vegas, Nevada doesn’t even look tired after finishing the 50 miler.
Tyson Rich has an entourage as he completes the Squaw Peak 50 miler. Trevor Hill #152 is right behind him.

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