Schloth, Schuerholz Dominate Hot York Marathon

by Clay Shaw

YORK, PA, May 19, 2019–Jonathan Schloth of Lynbrook, NY running his first marathon ever, set a new course record of 2:32:28 in the 4th running of the York Marathon.  The 6 a.m. start was a godsend, as the day proved to be one of the warmest and more humid days in May in recent history.  Schloth, a recent graduate of George Mason University, had a three-minute-plus  lead over his nearest competitor at the halfway point, and went on to win by nearly 15 minutes.  His closest competition at halfway had dropped out, and Jimmy Schneidewind of Washington, DC would take second in 2:47:25.  Bill Cahill of Baltimore placed third in 2:48:36.  Russell Burns of Morgantown, PA and the Reading TC was top Master in 3:02:37, placing 14th overall.

Jaclyn Schuerholz of Baltimore, MD., also won easily in 3:10:13.  Schuerholz recently ran 2:52:41 at the 2019 Boston Marathon.  Whitney Heydenreich of Danville, PA was second in 3:22:07. Luisa Fairfax of Baltimore was third female in 3:23:40.  Cindy Conant (age 58) of Kensington, MD was top Master and fifth overall in 3:32:24. 

272 runners finished the marathon, which started at the YMCA and finished in Lafayette Plaza in York City, but was mostly held on the York County Heritage Rail Trail. 240 finished the companion half- marathon which was won by Jonathan Buytenhuys of Seven Valleys, PA in 1:24:11, and 47-year-old Brenda Hodge of York, PA in 1:29:58.

Top 15 Men

  1. 2:32:28 Jonathan Schloth NY
  2. 2:47:25 Jimmy Schneidewind DC
  3. 2:48:36 Bill Cahill MD
  4. 2:51:22 Matthew Rutt PA
  5. 2:51:43 Jacob Montgomery PA
  6. 2:55:16 Will Hanlon PA
  7. 2:56:22 Alec Wetcher PA
  8. 2:57:46 James Lombardi PA
  9. 2:58:00 Kurt Davies DC
  10. 2:58:27 Dustin Jutras VA
  11. 2:59:13 Ian Clausen PA
  12. 2:59:46 Robert Kehoe PA
  13. 3:01:01 Freddy Villegas NC
  14. 3:02:37 Russell Burns (40) PA
  15. 3:06:01 Kevin Kapuscinski MD

Top 15 Women

  1. 3:10:13 Jaclyn Schuerholz MD
  2. 3:22:07 Whitney Heydenreich PA
  3. 3:23:40 Luisa Fairfax MD
  4. 3:32:24 Cindy Conant (58) MD
  5. 3:32:50 Katherine Montgomery VA
  6. 3:33:55 Mariah Donovan WV
  7. 3:34:17 Trinity Smith PA
  8. 3:36:27 Rebecca Doner PA
  9. 3:36:30 Alayna Edinger PA
  10. 3:36:59 Jennifer Lippincott (42) PA
  11. 3:37:19 Jamie Spooner (42) FL
  12. 3:39:47 Amy Beelen (46) PA
  13. 3:40:36 Kayla Rutt PA
  14. 3:41:10 Krisinda Ruhlman PA
  15. 3:42:24 Kristina Reichel ME
Jonathan Schloth of Lynbrook, NY has a great debut with a 2:32:28 time and a course record at the 2019 York Marathon.
Jaclyn Schuerholz of Baltimore was the women’s champion in 3:10:13. Schuerholz ran 2:52:41 at the 2019 Boston Marathon.
Whitney Heydenreich of Danville, PA placed 2nd overall in 3:22:07.
Strength in Numbers. York gals Susan Eisenberger, Kelly McKinley, and Kelli Kauffman heading south near the turn-around.
Roberto Rivera-Vasquez of York, always runs well on the York course, places 30th overall in 3:16:57.
Rebecca Doner of York is all smiles on the way to a personal best of 3:36:27. Doner was 8th among the women overall.
Pam Goodling who lives next to the rail trail paces friend Linda Howells of Wayne, PA in the final miles. The gals are photo bombing my red jeep.
Kirk Millikan of Richmond, VA ran 3:30:44 dressed as a taco. Matt Puffer #725 of Valparaiso, IN finished 42 seconds in front of the treat.
Karen Morrison of Swedeboro, NJ was 22ndF and 3rd 45-49 in 3:46:34.
Jennifer Lippincott of Philadelphia was tenth among women and 2nd master with a 3:36:59.
Jamie Spooner of Port Saint Lucie, FL placed 11thF and 3rd master with a BQ. Spooner grew up in York County.
Gretchen Stevenson of Akron, PA running her first marathon.
Daryl Santiago of Philadelphia on way to placing 19th overall in 3:08:28.
Amy Sipe, former YRRC president, runs a sub 4-hour marathon.

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  1. Great Summary and nice pics.

    Any other pics from the day?

    Buddy Weber (bib 806)


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