Kemoi Goes to Work, Repeats as Champion at Broad Street

By Clay Shaw

PHILADELPHIA PA, May 5, 2019—The 40th Blue Cross Broad Street Run was rainy and chilly, but that didn’t stop 40,000 runners in one of the largest road races in the country.  Daniel Kemoi of Kenya, and this year based in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, won easily in 47:20.  Kemoi was quoted as saying “This is my job, so I must do it.” He added, “I started running in 2012, this is like work, so you come, you run, and come again.”  “It’s a job,” Kemoi remarked to the Philadelphia Inquirer.  Last year Kemoi was living in nearby Elkton, Maryland, and his first USA race was a record breaking 13:58 at the Race Against Racism 5K in Lancaster.  When I saw him in the field prior to the BSR in 2018, I knew he would win.  Simion Chirchir of Kenya, and Chapel Hill, NC hung tough for a few miles before Kemoi ran alone most of the race.  Tariku Demelash Abera of Ethiopia was third in 48:11.  Sergio Reyes of Palmdale, CA won a sprint finish with Urgesa Kedir Figa  of Ethiopia; both were timed at 48:11.  Brock Butler of Chester Springs, PA was the top Master in 52:14, placing 23rd overall, and recovered from the Boston Marathon.

Susan Jerotrich of Kenya and Chapel Hill, NC was the top woman in 54:48.  Pamela Cherotich, with the same address and sponsorship, was second in 54:54. Grace Kahura from Kenya, and a pink kit, was third in 55:35, making a 1-2-3 sweep.  Grace is based in Boulder, Colorado. The first USA female was Samantha Roecker of Philadelphia in 55:39.  Fifth overall was 49-year-old Kenyan, Margaret Njuguna (who was top Master at Boston Marathon), in 55:49.  Christy Peterson of North Wales, PA was second Master and 22nd overall in 61 minutes even.

Never Give Up, is a good motto for running.  But your photo-journalists had to make a run for it from the Olney SEPTA station, on side streets, to get on the press truck moments before the start.  It’s a good thing yours truly is “city smart.” It would have been really lame to miss the start on a point-to-point course.

Top 15 Men

  1. 47:20 Daniel Kemoi KEN
  2. 48:05 Simion Chirchir KEN
  3. 48:08 Tarika Demelash Abera ETH
  4. 48:11 Sergio Reyes CA
  5. 48:11 Urgesa Kedir Figa ETH
  6. 48:29 Mohamed Hrezi LIB
  7. 48:59 Pardon Ndhlovu ZIM
  8. 49:22 Paul Matuszak PA
  9. 49:25 Benjamin Toomer NY
  10. 49:50 Carlos Jamieson MD
  11. 50:19 Jason Ayr PA
  12. 50:57 Matt Kane PA
  13. 51:17 Ethan Hermann PA
  14. 51:26 JR Creekmore DE
  15. 51:36 Darryl Brown PA

Top 15 Women

  1. 54:48 Susan Jerotich KEN
  2. 54:54 Pamela Cherotich KEN
  3. 55:35 Grace Kahura KEN
  4. 55:39 Samantha Roecker PA
  5. 55:49 Margaret Njuguna KEN (49)
  6. 56:22 Margaret Drazba VA
  7. 56:32 Elizabeth Weiler CO
  8. 57:09 Margaret Vido PA
  9. 57:31 Meghan Bishop PA
  10. 57:38 Stephanie Knast PA
  11. 58:09 Katie Rodden NJ
  12. 58:46 Jessica Fragola PA
  13. 58:55 Liz Barrett PA
  14. 59:28 Hayley Germack PA
  15. 59:44 Corinne Fitzgerald NY
The iconic photo of every Broad Street Run, is the one with City Hall looming behind the leaders. One of the staff used to call it “the money shot.”
Daniel Kemoi #1 and Simion Chirchir #88 both sprint away from the 40,000 runner field as well as the Broad Street Subway.
Early on Daniel Kemoi was being chased by Simion Chirchir. Many runners are still trying to make it to their startline.
Daniel Kemoi #1M and Simion Chirchir #88 race by the Met Philadelphia while on Broad Street.
Daniel Kemoi only thought he heard someone racing near him.
Simion Chirchir #88 and Daniel Kemoi #1 race under the Temple Runs Broad Street banner
Daniel Kemoi of Kenya and Coon Rapids, MN, surges away from Simion Chirchir #88
Daniel Kemoi gets water at the aid station and is followed by three police officers on bikes.
Daniel Kemoi of Kenya wins again. Kemoi won it 2018 and repeats in 2019.
Daniel Kemoi of Kenya wins for the second straight year. Kemoi was a little slower in the rain, but his 47:20 won by 35 seconds.
Touchdown Susan! Susan Jerotich of Kenya and Chapel Hill, NC wins Blue Cross Broad Street Run in 54:48, much to the delight of Swoop.
Samantha Roecker of Philadelphia places 4th overall in 55:39, and was first USA.
Sergio Reyes #10 of Palmdale, CA edges Urgesa Kedir Figa of NYC and Ethiopia for fourth place. Both men were timed at 48:11.
Pardon Ndhlovu of Boone, NC and Zimbabwe powers by Swoop, the Eagles mascot, on way to a 7th place overall and time of 48:59.
Matt Kane of Philadelphia places 12th and gets a squawk from Swoop.
Lauren Kelly of Philadelphia F40 battles Michelle Brangan of Mullica Hill, NJ F58 and Kimberly Cary #828 of West Chester, PA.
Erin Dubs of Dover PA runs 1:05:27 to place 68th among women.
Erin Dubs was happy with her run, earning her a medal, lunch, and wet clothes. Erin is on the York White Rose Run committee and has September 28 booked for 2019.
Philadelphia’s Famous Mummers are a fixture at Broad Street Run. (Photo by Karen Mitchell)
Mummers entertain under cover of the VIP tent. (Photo by Karen Mitchell)
Mummer rocking South Philly. (Photo by Karen Mitchell)
Mummer Accordion Special. (Photo by Karen Mitchell)

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