Colorado Runners Triumph in Lucky Charm 5K/10K

By Clay Shaw

HARRISBURG, PA, 3.23.19—Dan Craighead of Lafayette, Colorado won the 10K in 33:12.  Luis Miranda of Lebanon, PA ran a solid second in 33:53.  Marathoner Greg Johnson of Dillsburg was third in 34:29.  Nicole Warble of Silver Spring, Maryland let the women’s 10K in 41:57.  Chloe Warrell, age 13, of Mechanicsburg took second in 43:23.  Lindsay Pridgen of Mechanicsburg was third in 44:35.   467 runners finished the 10K, just edging the 5K by nine participants.

John Sadlock of Harrisburg won the 5K in 15:50, with 2018 Harrisburg Marathon winner Alex Hampel of Marietta taking second in 15:59.  Scott McGeary of Harrisburg was third in 16:46

Mary Higgins of Lafayette, Colorado was the easy winner among women with a time of 18:47.  Taking second was Masters runner Mandy Brigaman of New Cumberland in 22:27. Cynthia Harinsh finished third in 22:28.

The fourth edition of the Lucky Charm 5K/10K event featured its fourth different course change.  The event was held just prior to Harrisburg’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. 

Men 5K

  1. 15:50 Josh Sadlock         PA
  2. 15:59 Alex Hampel         PA
  3. 16:46 Scott McGeary     PA
  4. 17:35 Matt Marion         PA
  5. 18:19 Carter Paul (13)    PA

Women 5K

  1. 18:47 Mary Higgins         CO
  2. 22:27 Mandy Brigaman (42) PA
  3. 22:28 Cynthia Harnish     PA
  4. 22:35 Megan Barbour     PA
  5. 22:43 Leilah Horshaw (10) PA

Men 10K

  1. 33:12 Daniel Craighead                  CO
  2. 33:53 Luis Miranda                         PA
  3. 34:29 Greg Johnson                        PA
  4. 35:14 Guy Cornelius                       PA
  5. 35:32 Matt Oleksa                          PA
  6. 36:52 Cam Aslan (42)                     PA
  7. 37:13 John Ford                              MD
  8. 39:43 John Fox (41)                       PA
  9. 39:44 Kevin Cole                             PA
  10. 40:11 Rick Stahl  (43)                     PA

Women 10K

  1. 41:57 Nicole Varble                       MD
  2. 43:23 Chloe Warrell (13)              PA
  3. 44:35 Lindsay Pridgen                  PA
  4. 44:53 Brooke Magni                      PA
  5. 46:02 Hilary Radic                          PA
  6. 46:13 Emily Abell                           MD
  7. 47:32  Ashley Bullers (40)             PA
  8. 47:36 Julia Varble (56)                 NY
  9. 47:40 Abbey Gearhart                 PA
  10. 48:05 Katherine Shank (56)        PA

Race timing was provided by Falcon Race Timing. Full results are available here.

Lee McMindes and C Fred Joslyn
Slap me “5”.
Scott Leipert and friend do the 5K
Proud group of runners with Lucky Charm medals.
Nicole Varner of Silver Spring, MD wins the 10K in 41:57, and lots of company from 5K participants.
Mary Higgins of Lafayette, Colorado wins the 5K in 18:47.
Lucky Charm runner passes mural.
5K Podium men: Scott McGeary 3rd, Alex Hampel 2nd, and Josh Sadlock 1st.
Proud guy after Lucky Charm 10K
Luis Miranda, Greg Johnson, Lindsay Pridgen, and Chloe Warrell with 10K podium awards.
Green clad group heads to finish of Lucky Charm 5K
Matthew heads to the finish
Lindsay Pridgen of Mechanicsburg was 3rdF in 10K. Emily Abell of Maryland was 6thF in the 10K.
Kyra Saver and Elizabeth Graybill, “jump around”.
Kilted man heads down Second street to the finish.
Jennifer Cooper
Daniel Craighead of Lafayette, Colorado wins the Lucky Charm 10K in 33:12.
Mandy Brigaman was 2ndF and top master in 5K
Brooke Magni of Lancaster was 4thF in the 10K.
Lucky Charm 5K in Harrisburg starts the Spring off very green.
Lindsay Pridgen 3rdF 10K running in step with Kyle Maguire.

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