Kitata Runs Alone to Take the Philly RnR Half

By Clay Shaw

PHILADELPHIA, PA—Flat and fast course at the Philly RnR Half Marathon on September 16, 2018, but rather humid.  One man went out and blitzed the course in 59:16. Shura Kitata of Ethiopia ran all alone for the entire race, winning by nearly four minutes. Parker Stinson of Eugene, OR was second in 1:03:01, with Cam Levins of Canada finishing third in 1:03:09.  Rio Olympics Medalist, Feyisa Lilesa was fifth in 1:04:04, and was welcomed by hordes of supporters.  Remember his protest (against the Ethiopian Government in 2016), as he finished second in the Olympic Marathon?  Abdi Abdirahman of Tucson, AZ was the top Masters and sixth overall in 1:04:06.

Desiree Linden of Michigan was the women’s champ in 1:11:48.  Kellyn Taylor of Flagstaff, AZ was second in 1:12:06.  Roberta Groner from NJ was third overall and top Masters, in a 1:12:20 PB.  Former U of New Hampshire star and Australian citizen Rosie Donegan ran 1:13:27 in her debut at the distance, good for fifth overall.


  1. 59:16 Shura Kitata  ETH
  2. 1:03:01 Parker Stinson OR
  3. 1:03:29 Cam Levins  CAN
  4. 1:03:26 Panuel Mkungo  KEN
  5. 1:04:04 Feyisa Lelisa  ETH
  6. 1:04:06 Abdi Abdirahman (41) AZ
  7. 1:04:13 Mohamed Hrezi LBA
  8. 1:04:33 Jarrett LeBlanc  LA
  9. 1:04:36 Daniel Kemoi  KEN
  10. 1:05:12 Reece Edwards AUS
  11. 1:05:17 Berhanu Dare  ETH
  12. 1:05:33 Ian Lamere WI
  13. 1:06:34 Lucas Stalnaker MD
  14. 1:06:58 Mark Leininger NJ
  15. 1:07:08 Oscar Medina CA


  1. 1:11:48 Desiree Linden MI
  2. 1:12:06 Kellyn Taylor AZ
  3. 1:12:40 Roberta Groner (40) NJ
  4. 1:12:46 Kinsey Middleton  CAN
  5. 1:13:27 Rosie Donegan  AUS
  6. 1:13:39 Sarah Pease TX
  7. 1:13:46 Kaitlyn James AZ
  8. 1:14:13 Anne-Marie Blaney  FL
  9. 1:14:27 Sarah Sellers  AZ
  10. 1:14:55 Ivette Mejia   NY
  11. 1:15:22 Olivia Pratt  WI
  12. 1:15:30 Vianney DeLaRosa  MEX
  13. 1:16:12 Amanda Marino  NJ
  14. 1:16:29 Julia Roman-Duval  MD
  15. 1:17:22 Nicolette Mateescu  NJ
samantha creath 34thf-5759
Samantha Creath 34th female
rosie donegan aus 5thf-5564
Rosie Donegan AUS 5th female
parker stinson 2nd-5383
Parker Stinson 2nd male
olivia pratt wi 12thf-5616
Olivia Pratt WI 12th female
julia roman duval-4830
Julia Roman Duval Maryland 14th female
julia roman duval md 14thf-5636
Julia Roman Duval Maryland 14th female
desiree linden mi 1stf-5506
Desiree Linden Michigan 1st female RNR Half
annemarie blaney mi 8thf-5592
Annemarie Blaney MI 8th female
shura kitata eth wins in 59 16-0634
Shura Kitata ETH wins in 59:16
rosie donegan aus 5thf-0802
Rosie Donegan AUS 5th female
roberta groner nj 3rdf 1st mstr-0793
Roberta Groner New Jersey 3rd female 1st master
roberta groner 57 rosie donegan 60 olivia pratt 96-0414
Roberta Groner 57 Rosie Donegan 60 Olivia Pratt 96
parker stinson and panuel mkungo-0439
Parker Stinson and Panuel Mkungo
nicolette mateescu deanna ardrey and julia romanduval-0556
Nicolette Mateescu, Deanna Ardrey, and Julia Roman Duval
kaitlyn james az 7thf-0808
Kaitlyn James AZ 7th female
feyisa lilesa eth 5th -0706
Feyisa Lilesa ETH 5th male
feyisa lilesa and clay shaw-0930
Feyisa Lilesa and Clay Shaw
david kemoi cam levins feyisa lilesa-0446
David Kemoi, Cam Levins, Feyisa Lilesa
cam levins can 3rd-0660
Cam Levins Canada 3rd male