Strobel and Moulton Lead the
Way in Fair 5K


MESHOPPEN, PA--The 13th Annual Wisnosky Jewelers 5K X-Country Gem Race was held on August 27, 2003, opening night of the Kiwanis Wyoming County Fair, at the fairgrounds. The male overall winner was Skip Strobel, 32, of Vestal, NY crossing the line in 18:30, while the female winner was running veteran Maria Moulton, 43, of Mountaintop coming in at 23:31.

In running her winning time, Moulton also set a new age-group record for the female 40-and-over group, which was lowered just last year by Vestal's Karla Eisch, a regular participant of this race. Wyoming County residents who took special awards were Corey Read, 16, as the first male resident, and Betsy Sayre, 17, as the first female resident.

Weather conditions had been cool in the days preceding the race, but returned to traditional summer temperatures and humidity levels by race night. This may have accounted for the fact that only one record was broken, despite the course itself being in perhaps the best condition ever, thanks to "Myron, the Mad Mower." Seems that Myron Mokris of Meshoppen has really taken the maintenance of this course under his wing and the many hours spent were definitely appreciated by all seventy-six runners.

This year's race was under the new directorship of Sandra Howard, who inherited it from veteran race director Dick Daniels. Many thanks go to Daniels, who conceived of this race thirteen years ago when Kiwanis purchased the land for the fairgrounds. Over his years as race director, Daniels put a generous amount of blood, sweat, and worry into establishing and maintaining this unique and very challenging course, which unofficially starts the racing season for fall cross-country.

Road races, or in this case, cross-country, aren't successful without the significant help of volunteers to assist the race director and runners. Many thanks to those people--Endless Mountain Bobcats, cross-country coaches, parents, friends, runners--over the years who have had any part in making this race happen. For their part, the Kiwanis allow this event to occur in the midst of an already busy fair, which involves security officials stopping traffic and watching that fair visitors don't collide with speedy runners. Jim Dillon, past fair board president, has started nearly every race, and Vince Wojnar of Mountaintop makes the trip every summer to be the official timer. This year's Bobcat volunteers, who handled registration, manned the water stop, and helped with results, were Doug and Kathy Toye of Dalton. Keith Howard, a Tunkhannock Junior High cross-country team member, helped with the water stop and traffic control. Lastly, thanks go to Wisnosky Jewelers of Tunkhannock who sponsor this annual event and share the accomplishment of every runner who finishes the race.



1. Skip Strobel 18:30

Wyoming County Resident

1. Corey Read 19:22

12 and Under

1. Reece Ayers 25:04


1. Danny Toye 21:00
2. Ben Sayre
3. Ryan Whitmiller


1. Corey Read 19:22
2. Andy Hildebrand
3. Kenny Young


1. James Weidner 21:17
2. Mark Gill
3. Chris Keller


1. Chad Butcher 20:16
2. Steve Templin
3. Mark Kusmiersz


1. Randy White 19:51
2. Jeff Walsh
3. Tony Belcher
4. Mike Romanovitch


1. David Ward 20:43
2. Bob Moore
3. Patrick Murray
4. Kevin Weber


1. Ed Lipski 20:45
2. Reg Thomas
3. Jeff Hall


1. Terry Cobb 24:41
2. Tom Hamlin
3. Myron Mokris

60 and Over

1. Bob Dennison 28:03
2. John Bendick
3. Jim Marsh



1. Maria Moulton 23:21

Wyoming County Resident

1. Betsy Sayre 24:24

12 and Under

1. Cynthia Williams 32:42
2. Karin Mowry


1. Laurie Hall 28:36
2. Tierney Ayers
3. Amy Johnson


1. Krista DeRiancho 23:28
2. Ashley Johnson
3. Betsy Sayre
4. Amanda Faux


1. Laurel Chamberlain 26:33
2. Kim Forys


1. Michelle Brown 25:02
2. Nadine Matechak
3. Kimberly Escarge
4. Bridget White

40 and Over

1. Karla Eisch 23:50
2. Kitty DeRiancho
3. Carol Chaykosky