Good Weather, Good Times, and Good Fun
at the Third Annual Women's Health 5K

Weatherill, Sick Take Top Honors;
Fanelli featured as emcee;
close to $5000 raised.


LEWISBURG, PA-The Race for Women's Health 5K, held May 25, added a new element in its third year: good weather! But other traditions were intact: a competitive field of over 100 runners; a fast, flat course; a lively crowd; and a solid fundraiser for Family Planning Plus, serving women's health needs in a five-county area of Central Pennsylvania. This year's race raised nearly $5000.

Kevin Weatherill, 23, of Lewisburg, won the men's race in a time of 16:12. The fastest woman was Ann Sick, 43, of Millville, in 19:15. Both won the Betsey Reicherter Memorial Award, an original work of fabric art by local quilt artist Paula Swett. Betsey was the much-loved former Board chair of Family Planning, who died of breast cancer in 1996.

Miss Road Manners, aka Freddi Carlip, Road Runners Club of America president, made an appearance again this year, reminding the runners to practice exemplary race etiquette.

The 2002 awards were presented by Gary Fanelli, Olympic Marathoner in the 1988 games in Seoul. Gary's racing knowledge, experience, and good humor added a welcome personal touch to the awards ceremony.


Two Kids' Runs were held, one for three-to-five year olds; another for ages six to eight. For many observers, these were highlights of the morning. Sparkly eyed and eager, the kids showed great spirit!

Hufnagle Park in Lewisburg, site of the Race start and finish, featured health information exhibits by local providers and health clubs. Also on display were Carrie's Quilts I and II, commemorative art works dedicated to the fight against breast cancer. Each square is a celebration of women whose lives have been transformed by the struggle
with cancer.

Editor's Note: Hearing "Tequila" by The Champs as we walked to the registration table was a sure sign that this year's race would be a success.

 'And The Last Shall Be First'


"The first shall be last. The last shall be first and everyone else remains in between."
-Gary Fanelli, 1988 Olympic Marathoner

This is my writing assignment for committing a runner's sin: showing up late for a race. On Saturday, May 25th I awoke at 5:30 a.m. I had been looking forward to running in the Women's Health 5K Run in Lewisburg, PA. The race was scheduled for 9:00 that morning. It would be my first 5K of the year and I was feeling healthy and anticipated a personal good time. A lot of my friends from work were going to be running the race. I had even made a few phone calls earlier in the week to remind them! I was staying at a cabin in Sullivan County, about an hour away from Lewisburg. It was still too early to leave so I decided to "rest my eyes" for a little while. I woke up at 7:55, said a few choice words, and ran out the door.

When I got to Lewisburg I parked a few blocks away from the starting area and ran to the park with my registration form and a twenty-dollar bill. Music was playing and there was an announcer who noticed my presence and reported to the remaining workers, "Oh, look we have one more runner!" I was trying to be as inconspicuous as possible since the race had already started. Just before leaving the sign-up area, I was informed that by being the last registrant, I had won a prize. Great! Now I would be introduced as the last to register.

The official time clock was over five minutes by the time I reached the starting line. No one was in front of me. I had the same view as the leader. It was like an old poster I had in college that showed a solitary ram standing on a mountain peak and the quotation said: " I'm so far behind, I think I'm first."

Since this is partially an out-and-back course, I couldn't avoid my friends, who were on their way back. It was nice getting hi-fives. One runner asked if I was on a cool-down run! I usually take planned walk breaks, but kept running. After the halfway point I actually caught up to the group. I met my friends at the finish and took some heat for being late. By the official clock, I finished in about 31minutes so my actual race time would have been under 26 and for me, that's a blistering pace. I soon found out that my prize was a consultation with an Olympic Marathoner. Gary Fanelli was the emcee for the awards presentation and would meet with me after all the awards had been given out. This was a great opportunity, but also a lot of pressure. After all, if you have five minutes to ask anything of Running Royalty, what do you ask? I didn't even know him.

As he called each of the winners to the awards area it was obvious this man had a sense of humor, doing celebrity impersonations and joking with the winners. After the awards were done, he and a woman, who I found out was Freddi Carlip, the President of the Road Runners Club of America came, over to where I was sitting and asked what I would like to talk about. This would be like an Amish workhorse asking a Kentucky Derby winner about racing; all the advice won't change what they are.

My first question was for Gary to tell me about himself and how he started running. He grew up around Philadelphia; started running at around 10-11 years old, participated in the Penn Relays, and had successful high school and college careers. His fastest marathon was 2 hours and 14 minutes. (That's a 5:07 pace for eight-and-a-half 5Ks!) He qualified for the 1988 Seoul Olympics. He has run professionally and may be best known for running marathons in a Blues Brothers costume. He's tall and lean, but not skinny, and looks like he was "Born To Run" (He probably does a good Bruce Springsteen.).

Gary was sporting an ice pack behind his knee, so I knew he was human. I asked him about injuries. His answer was to stop before you get hurt. I've noticed that most runners are a bit compulsive and pointed this out to him. His reply was that if they get to the point where they are injured, they are going to stop anyhow. The old "pay me now or pay me later deal." Gary said that he stops and stretches and gets water, and mentioned the 12 miler he ran a few days before the race. In fact, he said this, "Walk till you feel like running and run until you feel like walking." We didn't get into detailed training plans or what to eat and drink before a race. His message was much simpler. That would be to ENJOY. Of course, you should also be on time.

2002 Run for Women's Health 5K

Place           Time            Name                            Age     Home
 1              16:12           Kevin Weatherill                23      Lewisburg
 2              17:45           Gary Fanelli                    51      Ardsley
 3              17:59           John Greninger                  48      Cogan Station
 4              18:08           Scott Sick                      43      Millville
 5              18:23           Frederick Day-Lewis             30      ewisburg
 6              18:38           Gary Ishler                     43      Lewistown
 7              19:02           Bill Burd                       47      Williamsport
 8              19:15           Ann Sick                        43      Millville
 9              19:28           Greg Korbich                    36      Sunbury
10              20:03           John Hunter                     38      Lewisburg
11              20:16           Rusty Smith                     47      Williamsport
12              20:17           Kevin Kilgus                    36      Turbotville
13              20:23           Terry Larson                    55      Turbotville
14              20:33           Jackson Howard                  17      Lewisburg
15              20:36           Ashley Ancher                   19      Winfield
16              20:40           Bill Roll                       53      Northumberland
17              20:43           Mike Deckard                    40      Winfield
18              20:49           Les Barnhart                    47      Selinsgrove
19              20:51           John Heimbach                   49      Lairdsville
20              20:53           Kevin Warren                    31      New Berlin
21              20:58           Daniel Staschick                17      Middleburg
22              21:05           Jennifer Novington              32      Lewisburg
23              21:07           Ashley Shuck                    14      Milton
24              21:28           John Supsic                     35      Sunbury
25              21:29           John Peeler                     60      Lewisburg
26              21:30           Jeffrey Fry                     39      Pennsdale
27              21:32           Rick Hueholt                    50      Berwick
28              21:59           Dave Andreasen                  37      Milton
29              22:04           Galen Smith                     44      Middleburg
30              22:10           Mike O'Keefe                    48      Lewisburg
31              22:21           Peter Rzasa                     54      Seymour, CT
32              22:29           Steve Surage                    44      Montoursville
33              22:52           Kevin Whitman                   13      Selinsgrove
34              22:52           Mark Schall                     32      Jersey Shore
35              23:09           Evan Gordon                     41      Middleburg
36              23:10           Dianne Fantaskey                56      Northumberland
37              23:27           Richelle Fessler                39      Bloomsburg
38              23:46           Ian Admian                      15      Winfield
39              23:48           Laura Whitman                   20      Selinsgrove
40              24:01           Eric DeWald                     37      Berwick
41              24:12           Rachel Savidge                  33      Northumberland
42              24:18           Keri Albright                   33      Lewisburg
43              24:18           Ray Loftus                      63      Sunbury
44              24:28           Tom Martin                      49      Selinsgrove
45              24:38           Jaime Krilevich                 34      Northumberland
46              24:53           Sophia Ziemian                  10      Lewisburg
47              24:54           Ron Ziemian                     40      Lewisburg
48              25:04           Scott Seyler                    38      Williamsport
49              25:07           Greg Brouse                     45      Middleburg
50              25:11           Jeremy Bond                     63      Sunbury
51              25:15           Emily Knight                    10      Lewisburg
52              25:15           Laury Knight                    44      Lewisburg
53              25:15           Elizabeth Armstrong             45      Lewisburg
54              25:16           Alice Richie                    42      Avis
55              25:16           Tom Hoffman                     47      Lewisburg
56              25:37           John Dawson                     58      Mifflinburg
57              25:40           Bob Kramer                      65      Mt. Carmel
58              25:55           Cherly Dugan                    40      Lewisburg
59              26:13           Mark Dincher                    50      Winfield
60              26:35           Marlene Manzo                   47      Winfield
61              26:38           Edward Mitchell                 58      Williamsport
62              26:39           Timothy Laubscher               38      Port Treverton
63              26:51           Barbara Will                    40      Orangeville
64              26:51           Donna Tenedios                  39      Winfield
65              26:52           George Tenedios                 49      Winfield
66              26:53           Freddi Carlip                   57      Lewisburg
67              26:57           Callie Hoffman                  16      Lewisburg
68              27:02           Meghan Brown                    16      Lewisburg
69              27:02           Katie Campbell                  16      Lewisburg
70              27:03           Jo Ann Reeves                   30      Milton
71              27:16           Bill Howell                     31      Lewisburg
72              27:18           Jody Shoemaker                  32      West Milton
73              27:28           Sally Miller                    44      Lewisburg
74              27:34           Brenda Campbell                 48      Danville
75              27:35           Barry Hein                      32      Port Treverton
76              27:37           Sharon Smith                    44      Mifflinburg
77              27:55           Tom Gates                       55      Selinsgrove
78              28:08           Missi Crandell                  39      Mifflinburg
79              28:23           Anne Shapiro                    46      Lewisburg
80              28:33           Susan Whitman                   46      Selinsgrove
81              28:39           Michelle Korbich                37      Sunbury
82              28:41           Emily Gates                     25      Selinsgrove
83              28:46           Natasha Weidensaul              31      Sunbury
84              28:50           Katie Sick                      10      Millville       
85              29:00           Bonnie Wassmen                  32      Milton
86              29:03           Sharon Wagner                   31      Lewisburg
87              29:04           Timothy Beck                    40      Milton
88              29:11           Brenda Williams                 5       Lewisburg
89              29:19           Dean Haney                      71      Montoursville
90              29:34           Joe Groff                       3       Lewisburg
91              29:56           Jill Gotoff                     3       Lewisburg
92              29:56           Linda McMillin                  2       Selinsgrove
93              30:29           Paige Kerstetter                8       Liverpool
94              31:02           Albert Mabus                    43      Turbotville
95              31:34           Jennifer Jones                  24      Dornsife
96              31:34           Jackie Messer                   13      Dornsife
97              31:38           Kenneth Kauffman                55      Lewisburg
98              31:47           Mindy Foresman                  32      Muncy
99              31:51           Heather Duty                    27      Milton
100             34:22           Cathy Ebright                   51      Forksville
101             34:26           Victoria Kallin                 41      Lewisburg
102             34:39           Nancy Orbison                   48      Lewisburg
103             34:39           Anne Apker                      43      Lewisburg
104             36:31           Stan Seiple                     75      Sunbury


Overall male winner             Kevin Weatherill                16:12           Lewisburg
Overall female winner           Ann Sick                        19:15           Millville

14 and under            1st     Ashley Shuck                    21:07           Milton
                        2nd     Sophia Ziemian                  24:53           Lewisburg
                        3rd     Emily Knight                    25:15           Lewisburg
15 to 19                1st     Ashley Dincher                  20:36           Winfield
                        2nd     Callie Hoffman                  26:57           Lewisburg
                        3rd     Meghan Brown                    27:02           Lewisburg
20 to 24                1st     Laura Whitman                   23:48           Selinsgrove
                        2nd     Jennifer Jones                  31:34           Dornsife
25 to 29                1st     Emily Gates                     28:41           Selinsgrove
                        2nd     Heather Duty                    31:51           Milton
30 to 34                1st     Jennifer Novingen               21:05           Lewisburg
                        2nd     Rachel Savidge                  24:12           Northumberland
                        3rd     Keri Albright                   24:18           Lewisburg
35 to 39                1st     Richelle Fessler                23:27           Bloomsburg
                        2nd     Donna Tenedios                  26:51           Winfield
                        3rd     Missi Crandell                  28:08           Mifflinburg
40 to 44                1st     Laurie Knight                   25:15           Lewisburg
                        2nd     Alice Richie                    25:16           Avis
                        3rd     Cheryl Dugan                    25:55           Lewisburg
45 to 49                1st     Elizabeth Armstrong             25:15           Lewisburg
                        2nd     Marlen Manzo                    26:35           Winfield
                        3rd     Brenda Campbell                 27:34           Danville
50 to 54                1st     Cathy Ebright                   34:22           Forksville
55 to 59                1st     Dianne Fantaskey                23:10           Northumberland
                        2nd     Freddi Carlip                   26:53           Lewisburg
14 and under            1st     Kevin Whitman                   22:52           Selinsgrove
                        2nd     Joe Groff                       29:34           Lewisburg
15 to 19                1st     Jackson Howard                  20:33           Lewisburg
                        2nd     Daniel Staschiak                20:58           Middleburg
                        3rd     Ian Adrian                      23:46           Winfield
30 to 34`               1st     Frederick Day-Lewis             18:23           Lewisburg
                        2nd     Kevin Warren                    20:53           New Berlin
                        3rd     Mark Schall                     22.52           Jersey Shore
35 to 39                1st     Greg Korbich                    19:28           Sunbury
                        2nd     John Hunter                     20:03           Lewisburg
                        3rd     Kevin Kilgus                    20:17           Turbotville
40 to 44                1st     Scott Sick                      18:08           Millville
                        2nd     Gary Ishler                     18:38           Lewistown
                        3rd     Mike Deckard                    20:43           Winfield
45 to 49                1st     John Greninger                  17:59           Cogan Station
                        2nd     Bill Burd                       19:02           Williamsport
                        3rd     Rusty Smith                     20:16           Williamsport
50 to 54                1st     Gary Fanelli                    17:45           Ardsley
                        2nd     Bill Roll                       20:40           Northumberland
                        3rd     Rick Hueholt                    21:32           Berwick
55 to 59                1st     Terry Larson                    20:23           Turbotville
                        2nd     John Dawson                     25:37           Mifflinburg
                        3rd     Edward Mitchell                 26:38           Williamsport
60 to 64                1st     John Peeler                     21:29           Lewisburg
                        2nd     Ray Loftus                      24:18           Sunbury
                        3rd     Jeremy Bond                     25:11           Sunbury
65 to 69                1st     Bob Kramer                      25:40           Mt. Carmel
70 and over             1st     Stan Seiple                     36:31           Sunbury