Daniels, Wissinger Win Outright,
Make Local History Books at Tribe Trot


DAVIDSVILLE, PA--The Spring rains returned to Greater Johnstown after several outstanding sunny days. The rains were needed due to the extremely dry conditions. The rains, however, arrived on the same date as the Second Conemaugh Township Tribe Trot 5K event.

A small army of runners and walkers gathered on April 22, 2006 for the second annual Conemaugh Township School District Tribe Trot 5K Run and Walk. The race-day events include a 5K run and walk along with a one-mile trot. The Tribe Trot is a huge community event. Runners, walkers, school students and their parents participate in this event.

Lawra Stuart serves as the race chairperson. Stuart is a teacher at the Conemaugh Township Intermediate School. Laurie Grosik assists Stuart with the race-day chores.

The Mapes clan handled the finish-line duties. Dave Mapes and his brother, Tim, stood in the cool rain collecting the bib tags and recording the finishing times and places. Tim’s wife, Roxanne, sorted the bib tags at the stadium concession stand into the proper age groups and races.

The enthusiastic finish-line crowd witnessed a unique finish to the second Tribe Trot 5K. A female runner won the race outright. And the second place finisher also was a female runner. These two female runners made road-running history in the Cambria-Somerset County region. This was never done before in our region.

Stephanie Daniels, 34, won the Tribe Trot 5K in 19:49. Michelle Wissinger, 34, finished second in 19:55.

Daniels is an accomplished runner. The Boswell mother of three has won the Johnstown Marathon female division twice. Daniels won in 2002 and her 2003 winning time of 3:05:16 placed her second overall in the marathon.

Wissinger also is an accomplished local runner. Wissinger consistently runs well in local road events.

James Selapack, 24, was the first male finisher in 20:24. Ben Foy, 48, was second in 20:29.

Sixty-three adult runners completed the 5K run. Twenty-three adults finished the 5K walk and 40 adults ran the one-mile course. Eighty-two school-age children also finished the one-mile course. An amazing 91 children ran the out-and-back 5K course; 299 finishers is a remarkable accomplishment for a second-year event.

The Race Committee presented age group and overall awards. The Tribe Trot competitors dined on fruit and assorted beverages following the race.