Temperature Tampers with Todd Half-Marathon


LINCROFT, NJ--The 23rd Annual E. Murray Todd Half-Marathon, held March 7, was very COLD and WINDY! Frozen puddles from rainstorms the night before--but the good news for the 416 finishers (483 entrants), was no snow. Further north really got hit. In that regard, the running gods were kind. But with a sub-15 degree wind chill, it was hard to be a happy camper. There were many iced-over runners but everyone finished in good shape. Once again, excellent race proceedings took place in the beautiful dual-level gym at Brookdale Community College. The indoor running track on the upper level saw quite a few runners and walkers getting in their daily workout while the half-marathon was in progress.

Separating himself from the men's field, Todd Lippin, 28, of Sayreville, NJ, finished in 1:13:59. A great effort under tough conditions. (The men's course record of 1:07:18 was set in 1984 by Ray Cerankowski and still stands.) Finishing second and third overall were Jeremy Stratton, 38, of Parlen, NJ (1:15:31), and Brian McCourt, 37, of Midland Park, NJ (1:15:44). While not a recognized award division, the first male Masters was Gary Wersinger, 41, of West Long Branch, NJ (1:16:04). He finished fourth overall in the field.

Also separating herself from the women's field was Dorian Meyer, 29, of Rumson, NJ (1:26:36). Second and third overall women were Annie O'Dowd, 36, of Old Bridge, NJ (1:29:08); and Jennifer Gunn, 34, of Red Bank, NJ (1:29:23). Again, not recognized as an overall award but finishing as first female Masters, was Mary Conry, 44, of Colts Neck, NJ (1:37:52), 15th woman overall.

First male race walker was Jack Lach, 55, of Wall, NJ (2:08:44). First female race walker Sherry Brosnahan, 47, from Bridgewater, NJ finished in 2:20:31. Congratulations to all the runners for showing how tough ladies and gentlemen handle tough weather, and especially, thanks to all the volunteers who got to stand still for over three hours in the cold and show just how tough and dedicated volunteers can be to the sport of running.



1. Todd Lippin 1:13:59
2. Jeremy Stratton 1:15:31
3. Brian McCourt 1:15:44
4. Gary Wersinger 1:16:04
5. Manuel Pereira 1:16:59
6. Michael Griffin 1:18:13
7. Charles Jenks 1:18:56
8. Jose Guzman 1:18:59
9. Michael Aiello 1:20:28
10. Eric Wakecki 1:20:42
11. Richie Broxmeyer 1:20:44
12. Darren Hamedl 1:20:54
13. Brian O'Dowd 1:21:12
14. Doug Campbell 1:22:13
15. Tim Rowan 1:22:17



1. Dorian Meyer 1:26:36
2. Annie O'Dowd 1:29:08
3. Jennifer Gunn 1:29:23
4. Tracey Serratelli 1:30:48
5. Marianne Livingston 1:31:00
6. Christine Livingston 1:31:09
7. Adrian Poux 1:31:34
8. Marilou Joziak 1:31:47
9. Danielle Soldo 1:33:09
10. Eileen Hartmann 1:35:02
11. Jane Erbe 1:35:44
12. Wendy Locke 1:36:23
13. Maggie Freeman 1:36:42
14. Mary Conry 1:37:52
15. Angie Dello 1:37:57