Buffalo Valley Recreation Authority
Holds Successful Tails to Trails 5K Run/Walk


LEWISBURG, PA--On Saturday, September 21 at 9:30 a.m., families gathered in Lewisburg right off of Rt. 45 at the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail to run the this year’s rendition of the Tails to Trails 5K Fun Run/Walk. The event was held by the Buffalo Valley Recreation Authority, and is one of the few races of its kind for both humans and their four-legged companions. Parking was free and was located at Brookpark Farm. In fact, parking and registration were both simple and easy to find, with large signs pointing to the right area easily visible before turning off of Rt. 45, which is always a huge benefit to participants. Online registration was free for humans, but $7 per dog, with a multiple-dog discount available. Those who didn’t register until after September 12, or waited until the day of the event, were charged $12 per dog. Participants received some goodies at the end.

This unique 5K fun run had its turnaround located approximately at the halfway point on the Rail Trail. A sign shaped like a dog bone was placed to greet the runners and let them know they were halfway to their goal of finishing. Bowls of water were also located at the turnaround in case the dogs needed to drink and refuel.

Since the 5K was a fun run, most runners and walkers of the event were not particularly concerned with running or walking the best times, but were looking to just have a good day with their dogs and others. Race times, I was told, would not be posted online, however first place did go to David Brungard and his dog, Chester, who finished in a time of 21:21.

As the participants took to the trail with a cloudy overcast and a temperature of 64 degrees Fahrenheit, I had an opportunity to speak with Elizabeth Stuelke, who is the Program Director of the Buffalo Valley Recreation Authority. She had this to share with me, “This is the third year for the Tails to Trails 5K, and it is growing each year. It’s just a fun way to get people out on the trail with their dogs. A big part of the community has dogs, and this race really encourages them to get out on the trail with their animals. It’s just a whole lot of fun.” She also added, “We’re always interested to hear what people have to say. We want to know what else they would like to see in regard to future dog events, and even trail events. Just last Saturday we held ‘Doggy Dips’ at the Lewisburg Community Pool. Dogs got the chance to play, run free, and swim around a bit.”


David Brungard, who finished in first place with his dog Chester, said that his dog was still energetic at the end and excited to see the woman they were with. I was impressed by how well behaved his dog was. A young boy named Lawson and his dog, Hildey, who came to the event with the boy’s mother, were one of the first teams to finish. He said, “I liked the race and I had fun. We were in third place until Hildey had to stop.” His mother was of course proud of her son for running the race and being a very good dog owner.

Angela Jankoviak ran with her dog, Nala, and was another of one of the first teams to finish the race. She told me, “I loved the race, it was great. I did it last year too.” She then pointed at her dog and said, “She sprints in the beginning, but by the end she’s dragging along. But she has a lot of fun here too. I will definitely be back again, and will recommend this race to others.”
Runner Gazette’s own Freddi Carlip of Lewisburg helped out during the race, and was the “sweeper.” She explained, “I was the one that brought up the rear and it took a while to get back. I made sure that the dogs and their companions stayed safe on the course. Thankfully, there were no problems. Some dogs, though, needed to take beaks and rest, as their owners enjoyed the beauty of the Rail Trail and its surroundings. Everyone (human and canine) made it back to the finish line safely.”

The event was sponsored by Brookpark Pet Supply and Warrior Run Pet Care Center, while a special thanks went out to Knittle & Frey for their sponsorship. Proceeds benefited Sun P.E.T.S. and the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail. If you are interested in running future races on the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail or you wish to make some suggestions then head on over to for further information.