Run Sober Drive Sober 5K
Combats Drunken Driving


CAMP HILL, PA--The inaugural Run Sober Drive Sober 5K was held on September 24. Near ideal conditions brought a turnout of supporters that far exceeded 125 people. The course is a flat and fast out-and-back course that winds through the suburbs of Camp Hill.

My son Hollywood (if you met him you would appreciate how fitting that name actually is) was the inspiration for this race. Hollywood is only nine years old, but he’s already had two gut-wrenching experiences most people would prefer to avoid. Two years ago, he was injured in one alcohol-related crash and narrowly missed being injured in another. No parent wants to receive a call from the State Police that their child is in the emergency room and that their condition is unknown. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how one views such a situation, my son lost six of his primary teeth in the first crash.

The alcohol-related crashes have motivated Hollywood to bring attention to the dangers of drinking and driving. The inspiration for Hollywood’s activism was the movie Pay It Forward. In the film, a history teacher challenges his students to come up with an idea that will change the world. One boy decides to do a good deed and thereby create a ripple effect by asking the beneficiaries of his kindness to “pay it forward” by helping others. Hollywood asked my wife and I to help him put on a fundraiser that would benefit Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). Given my background in the sport of distance running (’92 Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier), it was decided that a road race was in order.

The event was a huge success. Approximately $1,200 was raised for MADD. More importantly, all of the event participants, readers of the local paper which promoted the race, and FOX 43 News viewers were exposed to Hollywood’s story and message of hope.

The concept of “pay it forward” may have taken hold. There is a strong possibility that next year when the proverbial gun is fired to start the Second Annual Run Sober Drive Sober 5K, cities across the country will be simultaneously firing their starting guns to start their own edition of the Run Sober Drive Sober 5K. Now that’s a “Hollywood” story with a happy ending!

Top 30

1. Jeff Miller 15:36
2. Saleh Ghozali 15:46
3. Jared McGahen 17:22
4. Jim Smiley 17:34
5. Youness Allali 18:12
6. Kelly Dworak 18:15
7. John Hargreaves 19:38
8. Neal Schier 20:22
9. Matt Yanos 20:24
10. Judd Fodness 20:46
11. Jesse Haines 20:47
12. Andrew Worfleet 20:46
13. Matthew Marten 21:23
14. Jim Reinke 21:24
15. Nate Pigott 22:13
16. Nick Huss 22:16
17. Conor Wakeen 22:22
18. Crystal Roesner 22:27
19. Jerry Rasmus 22:35
20. Lee Martin 22:36
21. Emily Ruch 22:38
22. Michelle Christine 22:42
23. Rick St. Peter 22:50
24. Peter Wilson 23:05
25. Josh Beers 23:44
26. Bill Auxers 23:47
27. Becky Womnick 23:52
28. Mike Reese 24:17
29. Troy Heigies 24:18
30. Marge Lebo 24:21

Half-Mile Fun Run


9 and Under

1. Hollywood


1. Ryan Wolf


9 and Under

1. Hailey Rutkowski


1. Claudia Pehowic