BEN FOY, 2ND 40-44 WITH 20:45.

Run and Eat


SHIPPENSBURG, PA--Under sunny skies and windy conditions, the 18th Annual Shippensburg University 5K race was held on February 3. The out-and-back course begins and ends at the Heiges Field House and is mostly flat.

Chris Monheim and Doug Holscher teamed up to take the race out pretty fast, as they passed the first mile in a 5:30 split. Monheim gradually pulled away from that point on, hitting the finish line first in 17:26, 19 seconds ahead of Holscher. First Masters, and third overall, was that wild and crazy guy who is writing this article, in 18:15.

For the women, Ruth Riemenschneider, though bemoaning the fact that she went out too fast, was the first finisher in 20:50. Second went to Ashley Wells in 22:52, while Marlys Palmer took third and first Masters in 23:02.

There were 71 finishers, with Ron Shields and Lana Kane finishing as the first walkers.

The nice part about this event is that instead of receiving another T-shirt, all finishers get free entry into the university cafeteria for some serious chowing down. Former Chambersburg Road Runners Club President and current Frostburg, MD, resident Denny Robertson made the two-hour drive just for the food. Between mouthfuls of fresh bread with peanut butter, Robertson remarked that it is always nice to return to this race, run, eat, and catch up with old friends; though every time I looked his way he was nodding to his tablemates with his mouth full.

My 16-year-old daughter, Gina, trotted along at a comfortable pace but saved her best effort for the cafeteria. Some of the concoctions I saw her putting away included dipping a banana in chocolate syrup and all the fixings for a great sandwich without the bread! Ruth put away some serious food amidst some good-natured ribbing about her Weight Watchers diet. "I still have a few points left," she told friends as she was polishing off two cheese omelets and going up for some meatballs. Me, I just made a small dent in the ice cream buckets.



1. Chris Monheim 17:26


1. Neal Riemenschneider 18:15

Under 15

1. Steve Kirkpatrick 30:21


1. Brian Cieslukowski 21:02
2. Jake Roman 21:41


1. Andy Mason 18:30
2. Yaniv Tomer 22:59


1. Tim Sniffen 19:45
2. Dave Moore 21:38


1. Doug Holscher 17:47
2. Chuck Wetzel 21:00


1. Carl Spangler 19:06
2. Ben Foy 20:45


1. Steven Miller 19:30
2. Denny Robertson 19:56


1. Ray Kitchen 20:14
2. Ron Slozat 20:22

60 and Over

1. Leon Bierbower 23:06



1. Ruth Riemenschneider 20:50


1. Marlys Palmer 23:02

Under 15

1. Jennifer Wetzel 23:32


1. Jamie Wetzel 24:39
2. Gina Riemenschneider 27:37


1. Ashley Wells 22:52
2. Carrie DeCapite 27:16


1. Suzanne Eyer 24:07
2. Judy Burhenne 27:13


1. Margaret Horioka 23:23
2. Sharon Beaulieu 27:27

50 and Over

1. Marge Schollaert NTA