McGarry, Wakim, Naimoli, and Creamer Winners in the 20th Annual Philadelphia Bar Association 10K and 2-Mile Charity Run


PHILADELPHIA, PA--The Philadelphia Bar Association Charity Run took place for the 20th time on May 16, 1999 on as pleasant a running day as this writer can remember. The race was again sponsored by The Philadelphia Bar Association who was joined this year by Wawa, Inc., The Legal Intelligencer, PNC Bank, Colburn Insurance Service, and The Philadelphia Weekly and sponsoring law firms Archer & Greiner, PC; Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll LLP; Blank Rome Comisky & McCauley LLP; Caesar, Rivise, Bernstein, Cohen & Pokotilow, Ltd.; Dechert Price & Rhoads; Duane, Morris & Hechscher, LLP; Fox, Rothschild, O'Brien & Frankel, LLP; Kent & McBride, PC; Marshall, Dennehey, Warner Coleman & Goggin; Montgomery, McCracken, Walker & Rhoads LLP; Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP; Pepper Hamilton, LLP; Reed Smith Shaw & McClay LLP; Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP; and Wolf, Block, Schorr, & Solis-Cohen LLP.

The annual race benefits the American Diabetes Association and the Support Center for Child Advocates. This year's event appears, at this time, to have raised more than $70,000.00 for the charities.

After finishing between seventh place and fourth place on five prior occasions, Rick McGarry of Philadelphia, a manager at the Bryn Mawr Running Company, captured his first win in the 10K competition in the Philadelphia Bar Association Charity Run. The female winner in the race was Roberta Wakim of Penn Valley.

The two-mile competition was won by Chris Naimoli, also of the Bryn Mawr Running Company, who is a student at West Chester University, and Stacy Creamer, a senior editor for Putnam Publishing Co. in New York City, who came not only to the race but also to see her father, Attorney, J. Shane Creamer of Dilworth Paxson LLP who won his age group.

The 10K competition for members of the Philadelphia Bar Association was won for the second time by Michael McGrath of Daniel J. McAleer & Associates, and for the first time Kimberly Bane of Cozen & O'Connor was the first woman in the Bar Association in the 10K.

In the two-mile Bar Association competition, 27-year-old Neill Clark, a Clerk for Judge Stephen Levin of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, was first and Mary Tomich of Dilworth Paxson, LLP won for the first time in the two mile, after having previously won the Bar Association 10K competition twice.

In the 10K race, Rick McGarry, pulled away from the field right at the start and continued to widen his margin throughout the race. By the time he reached the first mile, he had already taken a 20-second lead over 23-year-old Jay Friedman of Philadelphia. At one mile, there was a closely spaced pack vying for third place which included Michael McGrath and former winner of the race, Chiropractor, Bob Davis, age 40, of Horsham, Pennsylvania and Michael Medveckus of Blank Rome Comisky & McCauley LLP.

By the half-way mark, McGarry's lead had widened to 45 seconds over Jay Friedman who had now put space between himself and a second pack of runners which included Tom Slattery of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, Bob Davis, who was now in fourth place, Stanley Cooper in fifth place and Michael McGrath in sixth place. Michael Medveckus had fallen off at this point to 14th place.

As the last half of the race continued, McGarry continued to widen his lead and ultimately finished the race in 33:20, more than a minute ahead of Jay Friedman who finished in 34:23. Friedman finished more than a minute ahead of a second pack of runners which included Eric Bresnahan, third, followed by a tight group including Mike Persick, Michael McGrath, Kevin Roe, Bob Davis, Tom Slattery, and Stanley Cooper.

In the women's competition, Roberta Wakim, now a real estate agent for Location Realty, who only recently began training seriously again with the Valley Forge Striders, ran away with the women's 10K competition. Wakim, a native of Northern Ireland, was a member of the 1979 Irish team that competed in the World Championships. She finished in a strong 37:53, with Alison Cohen, who ran with the Hangley Aronchick Segal & Pudlin team finishing second in a time of 39:58.

In the two-mile competition, Chris Naimoli did not have the luxury of the wide lead that McGarry had. In fact, as Naimoli approached the end of the first mile, he was in second place behind Stuart Calderwood, age 41 of New York City, a poet and editor for Putman Publishing Co., who had taken a slight lead. Unfortunately, not familiar with running conditions on the West River Drive of Philadelphia, Calderwood mistakenly ran to the one mile sign of the 10K race before turning around. By that time, both Naimoli and 17-year-old Eamon Brazunas of Wayne, Pennsylvania had passed him. Calderwood was able to pass Brazunas in the second mile, but could not catch Naimoli who finished in an excellent time of 10:10, with Calderwood six seconds behind, followed by Eamon Brazunas in a time of 10:24.

In the two-mile female competition, 39-year-old Stacy Creamer finished first by going directly to the front of the pack with the men and continuing in first place among women to the end. She outdistanced Mary Tomich, Katie Irwin, and Amy Sonstein, last year's winner. By the end of the race, Creamer had more than a minute lead over Tomich and finished sixth overall in the race in a time of 11:37. Tomich finished second in a time of 12:48, followed by Katie Irwin, Amy Sonstein, Joan Irwin, and Mary Gay Scanlon of the Equal Justice Center.

In the team competition, the company team 10K competition was won by Merck of West Point, Pennsylvania, who was aided by first place performances by Kristy Kort and Anne-Marie Patkoes, and a second place finish by Hilary Schock, in their respective age groups.

Northwestern Mutual Life finished second with a first place performance by Richard Brown in his age group. Northwestern Mutual was followed by Mundy Enterprises finishing third with a first place performance by Tim Burke in his age group, male, 20-29.

In the two-mile company team competition, Colburn Insurance Service finished first with a perfect score of three, with first place performances by each of their team members, Tina Ambroisino, Joe Wilson, Tom Scott, and Denis McGee.

Coleman Legal Staffing and GMAC Mortgage finished in a tie for second with two first place performances. Both Sabrina Sacks and Michael Coleman finished first in their respective age groups for Coleman Legal Staffing with Kevin Tofel and Linda Kelly finishing first in their age groups for GMAC Mortgage.

In the legal two-mile team competition, Rawle & Henderson, LLP finished first followed by Dilworth Paxson, LLP and Judge Stephen Levin & Clerks.

In the legal 10K team competition, Buchanan Ingersoll, PC and Duane, Morris & Heckscher LLP tied for first with Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, LLP only one point behind in third place, in one of the closest competitions to date.

The medley team competition was won by Equal Justice Center, followed by Wolf, Block, Schorr, and Solis-Cohen, LLP and Fox, Rothschild, O'Brien & Frankel, LLP finishing third.

The Buchanan Ingersoll team that finished first in the 10K legal team competition was led by the excellent performance of Antionette Stone who finished the 10K in 52:49 for a first place finish in her age group. Nora Winkelman and Chris Scola turned in second place performances in their age groups for a total of five points.

The Duane, Morris team that tied Buchannan Ingersoll was led by a first place finish, in a strong time of 36:36, by Dennis McCarthy, among men 30-39; a second place finish by Victor Keen, among men 50-59 and a second place by Sharon Caffrey, among women 30-39.

The third place team, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, was spurred by the effort of Michael Bloom, age 51, who finished in a time of 39:53. Michael was joined by Stephen Stigall who finished second among men 20-29 and a third place finish by Elke Hoffman, among women 20-29.


Rawle & Henderson was benefited by two first place performances: Carl Buchholz, among men 50-59, in the excellent time of 14:49 and V.P. de Pillis who finished first among men 30-39 in a time of 12:02. Mark Dianno finished second among men 30-39, right behind de Pillis in a time of 12:14.

The second place team of Dilworth Paxson was benefited by the first place finishes of Mary Tomich among all members of the Bar in a time of 12:48 and the first finish among men 70-79 by J. Shane Creamer. They were joined by the third place performances of Sheila Dickert and Pierce Buller, either one of which gave them a five-point total for second place.

Judge Stephen E. Levin & Clerks finished third with Judge Levin finishing first in an excellent time of 15:49 among men 60-69, along with the first place finish of Neill Clark and a fourth place finish by John Belli, among men 40-49.

The Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP team barely missed third place after getting an excellent performance by Roberta Fenska who finished first among women 30-39, Madeline Irwin who finished second in her age group 50-59, and Jessica Flick who finished fourth among women 29 and under.

Cozen & O'Connor finished fifth, paced by the second place performances of Ann Field and Jennifer McHugh and a third place performance by Peter Muhic.

The medley competition was won by Equal Justice Center with a perfect score of four. The Equal Justice Center victory was comprised of four first place finishes. Lavall Miller-Wilson finished the 10K in a time of 39:16, giving him a first place finish in his age group among men 30-39 and Marguerite Gualtieri finished first in her age group in a time of 52:10. The team was also led by the excellent finishes of Mary Gay Scanlon finishing the two mile in a time of 19:17, giving her a first place finish among women 30-39 and Marsha Levick finishing the two mile in a time of 19:17, also giving her a first place finish among women 40-49.

Wolf, Block, Schorr, and Solis-Cohen, was led by the efforts of Jerry Gornish who finished first among men 60-69 and Alexandra Caplan who finished first among women 29 and under. The two milers, Donna Brown and Peggy Rubin both finished second in their age groups, giving the team a total of six points and granting them a second place finish.

The Fox, Rothschild team finished third with a first place finish of Philip Shiekman, among men 70-79 and a fourth place finish of Abe Reich, among men 50-59 in the 10K. Herbert Bass finished first in the two mile among men 60-69, in the medley competition, with Gerald McConomy finishing second in the same age group.

Saul, Ewing finished fourth in the medley competition after getting a first place performance by Sarah Niedermayer, among women 30-39. Tanuja Majumdar finished in second place among women 29 and under in the 10K and Nicholas Day and Troy Cooper obtained fifth and sixth in their age groups, respectively, in the two mile.

During the awards ceremony, Jeffrey Kall, age 48, an instructor at the Moffett Elementary School in Philadelphia was given special recognition for completing his 20th consecutive Philadelphia Bar Association 10K race. Once again, Jeffrey brought with him 10 of his pupils at the Moffett School, ages 7 to 11, who he has coached and whose lives he has enriched. Each year, Jeff brings to the race a similar number of pupils at the Moffett School whose lives have been enhanced by training for this race and others in the Philadelphia area.

After the race was completed by the participants, they were provided with beverages, refreshments and gifts donated by Esquire Deposition Services, Special Counsel, Wawa, Inc., and Templeton and Associates.