Wendel and Scoggin
Jingle the
Reston Hills



RESTON, VA--Rudolph was off on assignment and Santa was left to devise a way to lead about 800 runners at the 4th Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis 8K on December 6, 1998 at South Lakes High School. Santa upgraded the sleigh for a chauffeur-driven BMW convertible as the runners chased after the car. The weather was perfect for the runners. The course had rolling hills offering a challenge. There were no returning winners to defend titles.

A pack of seven runners formed within a half-mile, led by Bryce Wendel of George Washington University, Atif Aftab, a student at South Lakes High School, and Scooter Rosenberg of Falls Church, VA. At the rear of the pack was leading Masters Jay Wind of Arlington with second Masters Spark Rogers of Annapolis, MD, three seconds back and in the hunt.

The females were close into the first mile as Anita Freres of Rockville, MD, and Barbara Wingle of Centreville, VA, were matching strides. Fleet Feet teammates, Suzanne Scoggin and Kim McLaughlin, both of Reston, were in the hunt.

Going into the third mile Wendel was staging the final assault with the leading females a couple of minutes back and closing in fast.

The last hill was completed and Wendel was in sight of the finish line. She claimed first with 27:23. In the earlier pack, Vincent McDonald of LaPlata, MD, edged into second place with 28:15. In a close duel over the last two-hundred meters, Atif Aftab and Scooter Rosenberg were in a kicking contest down to the line. The two were all-out as Aftab took 28:16 to 28:18. Mike Sinisi of Springfield, VA, was fifth with 28:58.

Pushing the last uphill into the school lot was first Masters, Spark Rogers, capturing seventh with 29:14. In 1997 Rogers was fifth with 28:18. Jay Wind was second with 29:36 and ninth place (first in the age group 45-49). The third Masters was Steve Donahui of Arlington with 30:09.


With less than a mile remaining, Scoggin and Freres were pushing towards the finish; the stronger kick was to settle the duel. The victory belonged to Scoggin, with a finish of 30:12 to 30:43. Kim McLaughlin was third with 30:51. Julie Hayden of Ashburn, VA, was fourth with 32:46. Barbara Wingle pulled in for fifth with 33:14.

Ofelia Perotti of Alexandria, VA, was first Masters with 34:21 and 8th place. Heather Sanders of McLean, VA, was second in 12th place with 35:31. Third went to Melanie Levin of Washington with 35:51 in 15th place.

The middle of the pack was starting to fill up the lot as the ringing from shoes was getting louder. This event was the second in a three-part series leading up to the culminating race in Washington. The Arthritis Foundation is a voluntary health organization that works for all people affected by the more than 100 forms of arthritis.

Julie Trapp of Silver Spring, MD, was first in the 50-54 age group with 41:25. Janet Newburgh of Rockville, MD, was first in the 55-59 age group with 41:51. In November, Newburgh completed her 11th marathon for the year for a total of 38 completions over her running career. Ecris Williams of Reston was first in the 60-64 with 42:38.

The 70-74 age group was captured by Ray Blue of Oxon Hill, MD, with 43:04. Bill Osburn of Bethesda, MD, took first in the 75-79 with 40:03.

Team honors were captured by Fleet Feet of Virginia: Scooter Rosenberg with 28:18, Eric Miller with 29:05, Suzanne Scoggin with 30:12, and Kim McLaughlin with 30:43.

Santa was seen talking with a car salesperson.



1. Bryce Wendel 27:23
2. Vincent McDonald 28:15
3. Atif Aftab 28:16
4. Scooter Rosenberg 28:18
5. Mike Sinisi 28:58
6. Eric Miller 29:05
7. Spark Rogers 29:14
8. Wesley Valcarcel 29:23
9. Jay Wind 29:36
10. Gregory Werner 29:50


1. Spark Rogers 29:14
2. Jay Wind 29:36
3. Steve Donahui 30:09
4. Robert Costanza 30:20
5. Mark Meehan 31:07
6. Edward Grant 31:15
7. David Brewer 31:43
8. Glenn Klenk 31:48
9. Charles Broome 31:57
10. Bob Hersh 32:31



1. Suzanne Scoggin 30:12
2. Anita Freres 30:43
3. Kim McLaughlin 30:51
4. Julie Hayden 32:46
5. Barbara Wingle 33:14
6. Sushila Nanda 33:29
7. Ellen Gerth 34:10
8. Ofelia Perotti 34:21
9. Ashley Cordell 34:29
10. Marlene Haas 34:39


1. Ofelia Perotti 34:21
2. Heather Sanders 35:31
3. Melanie Levin 35:51
4. Linda Sheimo 35:57
5. Cathy Renkiewicz 36:37
6. Jane Sisco 36:50
7. Deedee Loughran 36:51
8. Nancy Swinson 38:37
9. Dana Ann Scheurer 39:00
10. Patricia Miller 39:17