Sheba Wins Again at Hounds and Harriers
(But Trades in a Partner)


MORRIS TOWNSHIP, NP--The 13th annual Hounds and Harriers Run was held in Loantaka Park, on October 10. It was gray and overcast, and a nice temperature for runners and for dogs. The overall winner was Joe McVeigh (Morristown) and husky, Sheba, in a time of 17:08. It was Sheba’s second consecutive win at the Hounds and Harriers Run, last year with a different partner. Close behind was Kevin Higgins, Randolph, and his golden retriever, Sneakers, in 17:11. The woman’s division was won by Lauren Kolesa (Randolph) who ran the race director’s Brittany, Ryan. Lauren and Ryan’s time was 20:58. Runner up was Wendy Rieger (Bernardsville) and her hound/beagle mix, Rahway (21:08).

About 130 runner/dog teams completed the three-mile course. Runners came from as far away as Halstead, Kansas. Sixteen of the dogs that ran the three-mile run were between 10 and 15 and almost half were adopted from shelters or rescue groups. Well over half of the human entrants were women.

A second, shorter event called the “Paws from the Past” was held for dogs that are retired from running the longer course due to age or disability. All 15 dogs that participated in this event were veterans of the three-mile run and seven dogs participated in the first race in 1997. Almost all were between 12 and 16 years old.

This race is a favorite of all that come because there are few opportunities in the Northeast to race with your dog. Here are a few comments sent in by the participants: Jim Galbraith and Family (Flemington) “Congratulations on an AWESOME event.  I’m sure we’ll be back many times in future years.” Susan Dawson (Somerset): “You run the best race in the world. You have the best volunteers, the best competitors and, fairly good luck with the weather.” Mike Prebenda (Chatham): “Thanks again for giving everyone such a beautiful race to participate in.” Regis Fernandez (Montclair): “We’ve been to several people races, and this one was so well-organized and worth every penny. Thank you for your hospitality and good work.”


The race raised about $10,500 this year for St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center. The total for the 13 years it has been held is now over $89,000. Thirteen individuals or families donated or raised between $100 and $1000 each: Chris and Debbie Kelly, Robin Dawson, Julie and Michael Burke, Pat Koziol, John Beers, Tim Hunt, Peter Hyland, Michele Kraweak, Ron Reich, Kimberly Brown, Meghan Brown, Diane Redling, and Geri O’Brien. They received a gift bag from St. Hubert’s. Other $25 or more donors were given a membership to St Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center.

The grand prize was a $100 gift card for PETCO. All placement and grand-prize winners received a custom-designed show ribbon donated by PETCO, and a custom calendar with photos of past Hounds and Harriers Runs. In addition to 10 placement awards for men and women, awards were given to first shelter adoptee or rescued dog, first veteran dog (age 10 or over), first small and first large dog.

The main goal of the race is to have a fun and safe event for runners and their most reliable and enthusiastic training partners, their dogs. The race prides itself on the amenities given to each participant. This included a specially designed T-shirt and bandanna. This year’s design was from Swedish artist Eva Riise of her English Setter Thisbe running down a wooded trail. Each entrant also received a goodie bag with gifts from PETCO, Kraft Foods, Milk Bone, and Morris Animal Inn.

Milk Bone is the event’s main sponsor, but other contributions were made by returning sponsors Murray Hill Veterinary Associates, the Perambulating Pet Sitter, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, the PETCO Foundation, Runners Haven (Randolph), Bark Ave Mobile Pet Spa, Julie Corbin, Ph.D. (pet bereavement, Bernardsville), LMK Nutrition, and Dog Guard Electric Fencing. New sponsors contributing this year include Morris Animal Inn, Jersey Mortgage Company, Canine Aquatics and Fitness Center (Randolph), Wine Rx (Madison) and Camp Gone to the Dogs. Apples, bagels, and bottled water were contributed by Whole Foods (Madison). Other local contributors donating goods include Schnippers Gift Shop (Madison), Well Bred (Chester), Staples (Madison) and Westfield Veterinary Group. The race is heavily supported by local running club the Rose City Runners (Madison).

Paws from the Past

Grace Cabanillas and Poppy (5), Karen Fox and Tucker (13), Sue Regan and Charlie (14), Robert Rau and Jett (10), Reid Prebenda and Stargazer (13), Greg Mandak and Beri (14), Mary Guella and Ajax (12), Gary Farishian and Hanson (14), Shelly Prebenda and Chinky (15), Troy Prebenda and Relic (12), Elizabeth Deery and Bailey (14), Joe Sikora and Charlie (15), Sean Grund and Phoebe (13), Tracy Brown and Max (14), Owen Curry and Max (16).



1. Joseph McVeigh (Sheba/Alaskan husky) 17:08 1st overall

4. Michael Koons (Mikey/Fr Brittany) 18:07 1st shelter
6. Chuck Paul (Lady/speedmix) 18:47 veteran
2. Kevin Higgins (Sneakers/golden retriever) 17:11 1st large
5. Michael Talbot (Fenway/sheltie) 18:43 1st small
3. Peter Hyland (E.D. golden retriever) 17:32 2nd overall
7. Christopher Joralemon (Otter/coonhound) 18:47 3rd overall
8. Romel Fernandez (Tatan/pit mix) 19:24 4th overall
9. Chris Kelly (Brody/weimeraner) 19:28 5th overall
10. Mark DePiano (Dillon/border collie) 19:33 6th overall
11. Regis Fernandez (Pinky/pit mix) 19:48 7th overall
12. Juan Yanez (Charger/german shepherd/hound) 20:39 8th overall
13. James Galbraith (Dakota/golden retriever) 20:42 9th overall
14. Reid Prebenda (Djuna) 20:53 10th overall

15. Lauren Kolesa (Ryan/Brittany) 20:58 1st overall
17. Wendy Rieger (Bernadette/hound/beagle mix) 21:08 1st shelter
29. Cheryl Maccaroni (Dakota/Australian Kelpie) 23:12 1st veteran
19. Christine Fleming (Annie/German shepherd) 21:23 1st large
45. Sue Merberg (Harry/schnoodle) 25:19 1st small
21. Jennifer Curry (Fred/shepherd mix) 21:51 2nd overall
22. Carrie Curry (Slider/hound) 21:56 3rd overall
23. Debra Roseman (Hannah/Am Staff/Lab) 21:58 4th overall
25. Jocelyn Grier (Boomer/lab/greyhound) 22:42 5th overall
30. Lauren Lennon (Princess/dalmatian) 23:20 6th overall
34. Karen Giacomantonio (Grady Blu/boxer) 23:44 7th overall
38. Lisabeth Muller (Jaeger/German shepherd) 24:40 8th overall
42. Jennifer Bona (Schatze/Germ ShHr pointer 25:11 9th overall
44. Jessica Bem (Pepper/border collie mix) 25:18 10th overall