Hounds and Harriers Run
Raises Record Donation for
St Hubert's Animal Welfare Center


MORRIS TOWNSHIP, NJ--The eighth annual 3-mile Hounds and Harriers Run was held in Loantaka Park on October 9. David Panush (Washington, DC) and his lab Karma won for the fifth year in a row. This was the closest finish in the event’s history. David was pushed to the line by female winner Bonnie Linton (Hackettstown) and her wire-haired pointing griffon, Rusty. This was another course record for Bonnie by almost a minute! This was Bonnie’s fourth consecutive win, but first with Rusty. Both teams were clocked at 16:48.

One hundred and thirty-two runner/dog teams completed the 3-mile course on a beautiful fall day. A second shorter event called the “Paws from the Past” was held for dogs that are retired from running the 3-mile course. A highlight of the day was watching 5-year-old Troy Prebenda (Chatham) run the “Paws” run with Stargazer (pug). Also running was Ernie with partner Mark DePiano of Augusta. Ernie is the oldest dog to ever compete in the Hounds and Harriers Run. He will be 15 in January. Other participants in the “Paws Run” included Joe and Andy Doyle of Madison and Rudy and Kali Hoetzel of Morristown. Both Andy and Kali are 13 years old. Race director Barbara Rushman of Florham Park said these retired dogs were all very happy to participate at a level that was still fun. They got to hear their names being cheered and got a prize ribbon and treat at the end.

The numbers aren’t final, but the race plans to donate at least $6,600 to St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center from the 2004 event, which would be a $600 increase over last year and a new record. This increase was due in part to the generosity of the participants who donated money in addition to the entry fee. There were eight individuals or families that donated $100 or more: Chris and Debbie Kelly, Robin and Susan Dawson, Margaret Drenchko, Bill Winterbottom, John Beers, John Walsh, Ron Stott, and Michele Kraweak. They received a gift bag from Kraft Foods. Other donors were given a set of “Kool Aid” happy-face spoons and memberships to St Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center.


MIX (86TH OVERALL, 27:15).
The grand prize was a gift bag of goodies and toys and a $50 gift certificate from NJ Pets in East Hanover. All placement winners received a custom designed show ribbon donated by NJ Pets and a Milk Bone dog tin filled with Milk Bone treats, of course! In addition to 10 placement awards for men and women, recognition was given to first shelter adoptee or rescued dog, first veteran dog (age 10 or over), and the first small and large dog.

This race is the favorite of all who attend. According to Stephen Neville (Morristown): “I found myself laughing out loud several times during the run as we passed, or were passed by, funny dogs towing their owners or owners towing their dogs! The whole scene was just hilarious!” Susan Dawson added: “When it was all over this year, my husband Robin and I looked at each other and said 365 days until the next H&H. It’s almost like the Christmas let down.”

The main goal of the event is to have a fun and safe event for runners and their most reliable and enthusiastic training partners, their dogs. The race prides itself on the amenities given to each participant. This included a specially designed T-shirt and bandanna. This year’s design was the second donated by Eva Arvidsson, an artist living in Stockholm, Sweden. She enjoys doing pen and watercolors of her English Setter, Fanny, one work of which was converted for the T-shirt design.

Each entrant also received a goodie bag with gifts from Kraft Foods--and its Nabisco Division--NJ Pets, and Pfizer. Milk Bone is the event’s main sponsor but other contributions were made by returning sponsors Murray Hill Veterinary Associates, Perambulating Pets, Liberty Abstract title insurance company, Benefits and Premium Review, Actively Yours-Active Wear for Less, and Happy Tails Inc. New local contributors donating cash or goods included TriBoro OBGYN, Madison Veterinary Hospital, Madison Feed and Grooming, Schnippers Gift Shop, and the Bagel Chateau. This race is one of two put on locally by the Madison based Rose City Runners Club. The second, the Giralda Farms Run, is a people-only race, and was held in Madison on November 14.


Donors giving $25 or more: John Beers, Christopher Buck, Brian and Shannon Bumbarner (in memory of Guinness, who placed 3rd in 2003), Julie and Michael Burke, Margaret Drenchko (in memory of Zoe), Susan and Robin Dawson, Mark DePiano, Chris and Debbie Kelly, Evelyn Konrad, Patricia Koziol, Michele Kraweak, Mike Lessak, Geri O'Brien, Bill Pape, Robyn & Darron Ryder, Ron Stott, Robert and Rosanne Tona, Joel Vaag, John Walsh, Ellen and Ron Weathermon, and Bill Winterbottom.

6 Dogs that have run all 8 years: Ernie DePiano, Tucker Fox, Ajax Guella, Andy Doyle, Sunchi and Oreo Rushman.

St. Hubert's adoptees: Pepper Belle Weeks, Max Brown, Nillie O'Brien, Sunchi and Oreo Rushman, Shadow Prebenda, Skippy Redling, Rudy Moorhead, Chester Slutsky, and Andy Doyle.

Veteran Dogs (10 or over): Kate Winterbottom, Chaps (13) and Polo Jaworowski, Max Curry, Gretl Dawson, Chinky Prebenda, Sunchi and Oreo Rushman, Charlie Sikora, Rudy Moorhead, Star Hamilton, Dasher Freundlich, Ernie DePiano (14¾), Andy Doyle (13), Kali Hoeltzel (13), and Dakota Kraweak.

Paws from the Past

Kali with Rudy Hoeltzel
Andy with Joseph Doyle
Stargazer with Troy Prebenda
Ernie with Mark DePiano
Frosty with Tom Calabretta


1. David Panush/Karma (lab) 16:48
2. Bonnie Linton/Rusty (wire-hair griffon) 16:48
3. Chuck Paul/Lady (speedmix) 17:15
4. John Walsh/Buck (weimeraner) 17:19
5. Bill Winterbottom/Kate (lab) 18:16
6. Peter Hyland/E.D. (golden retriever) 18:22
7. Mark DePiano/Dillon (border collie) 18:38
8. Chris Bye/Archie (lab/pointer) 18:39
9. Franz Mitterer/Riggs (lab pit mix) 18:42
10. Eric Jaworowski/Chaps (mix) 19:19
11. Joyce Jaworowski/Polo (mix) 19:20
12. Patrick Asay/Holly (retriever mix) 19:26
13. Chris Curry/Fred (shepherd mix) 19:35
14. Robert Tona/Blaze (brittany) 19:38
15. Rob Curry/Max (lab mix) 19:47
16. Dante DiPirro/Cinnamon (pit bull) 19:48
17. Mike Hieber/Kooter (pointer) 19:50
18. Ron Weathermon/Boiler (lab) 20:08
19. Etienne Roux/Jessie (Staffordshire) 20:19
20. Chris Kelly /Murphy (terrier mix) 20:23
21. Bill Knudsen/Ginger (mixed terrier) 20:26
22. Ryan Burke/Honey Bear (golden mix) 20:38
23. Michael Burke/Gunnar (lab) 20:39
24. Bob Bocchetti/Champ (brittany) 20:43
25. Chris Buck/Scout (lab greyhound mix) 20:47
26. Jill Sanders/Lucy (mix) 20:54
27. Cheryl Maccaroni/Dakota (Aus. Kelpie) 20:58
28. Greg Mandak/Beri (Welsh Terrier) 21:08
29. Stephen Neville/Brody (border collie) 21:19
30. Robin Dawson/Gretl (plothound) 21:34
31. Steve Fisher/Peewee (golden retriever) 21:47
32. Ed Bem/Pepper (border collie mix) 21:49
33. Wendy Locke/Molly (lab) 22:11
34. John Heycock/Gulliver (vizsla) 22:21
35. Jim Boriotti/Barb (golden retriever) 22:47


(95TH OVERALL, 28:35).


1. David Panush/Karma (lab) 16:48


1. Chuck Paul/Lady (speedmix) 17:15


1. Eric Jaworowski/Chaps (mix) 19:19

Big Dog

1. John Walsh/Buck (weimeraner) 17:19

Small Dog

1. Chris Kelly/Murphy (terrier mix) 20:23



1. Bonnie Linton/Rusty (wire-hair griffon) 16:48


1. Chris Bye/Archie (lab/pointer) 18:39


1. Joyce Jaworowski/Polo (mix) 19:20

Big Dog

1. Wendy Locke/Molly (lab) 22:11

Small Dog

1. Jill Sanders/Lucy (mix) 20:54