Records Fall at the Hounds
and Harriers Run


MORRIS TOWNSHIP, NJ--The 5th annual 3-mile Hounds and Harriers Run was held in Loantaka Park on October 13. David Panush, 26, and his black lab, Karma, were decisive winners for the second year. David is a teacher and cross-country coach in Washington, DC. His parents live near the race in Florham Park, NJ. David's father, Richard Panush, Director of Internal Medicine at St. Barnabus Medical Center, also ran in the race with his dog, Sweedie. With no one finishing within a minute of David, he had an easy win finishing in 16:14, just two seconds behind his last year's course record time.

The most important record to fall was the amount of money raised for St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center which has animal shelters in Madison and North Branch, NJ. This year the race expects to donate $5,000 to this worthy cause, a significant increase. This was due to the generosity of the participants who donated money in addition to the entry fee. Two couples, Chris and Debbie Kelly and Robin and Susan Dawson, fell in the $100 or more category. Susan Dawson also donated a dozen handmade dog coats that were sold, raising additional funds. These two couples were given Halloween gift baskets of Kraft Food's products as a thank you. Other donors were given a gift of 'Nilla Gorilla stuffed animals.

The women's record fell to Bonnie Linton and her Labrador retriever, Brandie, of Hackettstown. Her time of 18:27 bettered the women's record set last year by Cheryl Maccaroni, of Titusville (18:39). Every year the race grows in popularity as word of this unique, and very special, event travels farther. This summer, Footnotes magazine, the national publication of Road Runners Club of America, featured an article on this race. Entrants came from Washington, DC, New York State (as far away as Albany), Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Anna Thornhill, a top national age-group runner from NYC wrote, "As you know, I run a lot of races, and your race ranks right up there with the best organized races I've experienced. It was truly a wonderful event."

The grand prize was a large tin of goodies and toys and a huge dog bed provided by NJ Pets in East Hanover. All place winners received a ceramic Milk Bone dog bowl and a custom-designed show ribbon. In addition to ten place awards for men and women, recognition was given to first shelter adoptee or rescued dog, first small dog (25 lbs. or under), and first large dog (75 lbs. or over) in the women's and men's categories. First Shelter adoptee was won by Chuck Paul and Lady, of Madison (17:23), and Jane Parks, of Morristown, with Sunchi Rushman, (the race director's dog!) of Florham Park (20:02).

The main goal of the event is to have a fun and safe event for runners and their most reliable and enthusiastic training partners, their dogs. The race prides itself on the amenities given to each participant. This included a specially designed T-shirt and bandanna. Each entrant also received a goodie bag with gifts from Kraft Foods and its Nabisco Division, NJ Pets, Madison Veterinary Hospital, and Pfizer Animal Health. Tara McClain, a race participant wrote, "What fun! The course is beautiful, the dogs are adorable, and the goody-bags and 'freebies' are unbelievable! Mandi loved trying new Milk Bone treats, and I was pretty happy about the Planters peanuts and Balance Bars! The only thing that I'm sad about is waiting another whole year for it!"

Milk Bone is the event's main sponsor but other contributions were made by Murray Hill Veterinary Associates, Perambulating Pets, Liberty Abstract Title Insurance Company, and Chatham Sports Shop. This race is one of two races put on locally by the Madison based Rose City Runners Club.

Largest Donors

Susan and Robin Dawson
Chris and Julie Kelly

Other Donors


Richard Panush, Joel Vaag, Victoria Carrigan, Rob Curry, Mark DePiano, Margaret Cronce Drenchko, Marge Moline, Robyn & Darron Ryder, Scott Lelling, Bonnie Ashe, Bill Winterbottom, Anne Volz, Bill Pape, Sylvia Myer, Pat Laplaca, Chuck Paul, Joyce Ferris, Jesse Greenwald, Elizbeth and Jennifer McGrath, Eric Probst, Steve Puchalski, Donna Abernthy, Jacky Shapiro, David Shoemaker, Vicki Benz, Cheryl Maccaroni, and Wendy Lock

(Thanks also goes to other donors on raceday whose names I may have missed and those making direct donations to St. H. on behalf of the race.)

Special VIP ribbons were presented to St. Hubert's Adoptees: Max Brown, JJ Colrick, Bing and Andy Doyle, Rudy Moorhead, Shadow Prebenda, Sunchi and Oreo Rushman

Special VIP ribbons were presented to Veteran Dogs (dogs 10 or over) Jenny Beers (11), Ernie DePiano (11), Merrill Cilliento (10), Andy Doyle (10), Leroy Harlan (10), Iggy Lessack (10), Sam Mikulik (10), Chopin Pape (10), Bentley Saradarian (11), Fred Sologuren (10), and Stella Veivia (10)



1. Panush, David with Karma (lab) 16:14
2. Winterbottom, Bill with Kate (lab mix) 17:34
3. Bumgarner, Brian with Guinness 17:45
(Catahoula mix)
4. DiPirro, Dante with Riggs (lab pit mix) 18:07
5. Beers, Bob with Jake (Weimeraner) 18:15
6. DePiano, Mark with Ernie (Border Collie) 18:18
7. Burke, Michael with Honey Bear 18:35
(Golden mix)
8. Dawson, Robin with Gretl (Plothound) 18:56
9. Kelly, Chris with Pluto (Weimeraner) 19:24
10. Pape, Bill with Chopin (Dalmation) 19:45

Shelter Adoptee

1. Paul, Chuck with Lady (speedmix) 17:23

Small Dog (25 lbs. And Under)

1. Deddens, Carl with Bandit (Jack Russell) 20:10

Large Dog (75 lbs. And Over)

1. Puchalski, Steve with Dudley (rotti mix) 18:06



1. Linton, Bonnie with Brandie (lab) 18:27
2. Locke, Wendy with June (lab) 19:11
3. Silverman, Julie with Cecilia 20:08
(Golden Retriever)
4. Maccaroni, Cheryl with Dakota 20:15
(Australian Kelpie)
5. Antinore, Jodi with Oreo Rushman 21:32
(lab mix)
6. Zaremba, Susan with Molly 21:49
(German Shepherd Pointer)
7. Sturken, Cheryl Anne with Misha 22:16
(Siberian Husky)
8. Bona, Jennifer with Schatze 22:36
(German Shepherd Pointer)
9. McClain, Tara with Mandi (lab mix) 23:02
10. Thornhille, Anna with Montana 23:08
(Siberian Husky)

Shelter Adoptee

1. Parks, Jane with Sunchi Rushman 20:02
(Brittany mix)

Small Dog (25 lbs. And Under)

1. Calabretta, Kathy with Frosty 22:30
(Miniature Eskimo)

Large Dog (75 lbs. And Over)

1. Fulton, Kathy with Austin (Weimeraner) 20:34