Records Smashed
at the Hounds and Harriers Run


MORRIS TOWNSHIP, NJ--It was a perfect day for a run in the park leading to fast times at the 4th annual 3-mile Hounds and Harriers Run held in Loantaka Park on October 7. The course record was smashed by over 30 seconds by David Panush, 25, and his black lab Karma. David is a teacher and cross-country coach in Washington DC. His parents live in nearby Florham Park. David's father, Richard Panush, Director of Internal Medicine at St. Barnabus Medical Center, and his sister, Rachael, who was in from Venice, California, also ran in the race. Hot on David's heels, and finishing four seconds behind, was Charlie Wustman, 43, and his lab mix, Brook, from Noank, CN. David combined the race with a visit with his girlfriend and local Amazing Feet Running Club member Jane Weeks, of New Providence, NJ. Both are pilots for United Airlines. His dog, Brook, was adopted from St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center (the recipient of the race's fundraising effort). David's and Charlie's times were 16:12 and 16:16, significantly dropping the old course record of 16:44 set in 1997 by local veteran standout Bill Pape.

Cheryl Macoroni and her Australian Kelpi, Dakota, from Titusville, returned to lower their old course record for a woman with a dog. The women's new standard is 18:39. Her husband, Dante DiPirro, was right behind her at the finish running with Maddie, a beagle they are currently fostering and looking to place in a good home. In addition to her job with the NJ Department of Criminal Justice, Cheryl directs a race at Washington Crossing State Park, NJ, and does animal rescue.

The third record to fall was the number of entrants, this year reaching 144 teams of runner and dog. Every year the race has attracted a larger field and word of this unique and very special event is traveling farther each year. Steve Williams, a place award winner said, "It was a great race and gets better every year. My parents came all the way from Pittsburgh to watch the race and recounted stories all yesterday and today."

The fourth record to fall was the amount of money donated from the race. This year, the race expects to make a cash donation of $3,600 to St Hubert's Animal Welfare Center. This organization is responsible for animal control in 28 local municipalities. In addition to the cash contribution, the race is donating a portable sound system that was purchased for use at this event and at other St. Hubert's fund raisers, reducing the need to rent expensive equipment. People were more generous than ever, many sending extra money with their entry fee and others walking up at the race and handing volunteers cash to put in the fund. The race organizers are so grateful for the generosity of those that helped increase the donation.

The grand prize was a bag of goodies and toys and a huge dog bed provided by NJ Pets in East Hanover. First prize also included a ceramic holiday Milk Bone Pet Shop that all place winners received (compliments of Nabisco). All place winners also received a custom-designed show ribbon denoting their award.

In addition to 10 place awards for men and women, recognition was given to first shelter adoptee or rescued dog, first small dog (25 lbs. or under), and first large dog (75 lbs. or over) in the women's and men's categories. The event also recognized good deeds performed by some of the race participants. Susan Dawson and her husband, Robin, of Princeton, were awarded the first two Hero awards. Susan rescued her neighbor's two cocker spaniels in January. After her neighbor's sudden death Susan opened her home to these two dogs (unwanted by next of kin) that had been left outside in the dead of winter. She worked tirelessly to find the right homes for these two. Not a month later, her husband, Robin, saved their 70 lb. lab/greyhound mix who had fallen through the ice when he ran off on a training run. A third Hero award was given to John Hadcock who went to Puerto Rico on vacation and brought back two street dogs saving them from a bleak life of fear and starvation. St. Hubert's adoptees and veteran dogs (dogs 10 and over) were also acknowledged.

The main goal of the event is to have a fun and safe event for runners and their most reliable and enthusiastic training partners, their dogs. The race prides itself on the amenities given to each participant. This included a specially designed T-shirt and bandanna. Each entrant also received a goodie bag with gifts from Nabisco, Life Savers, Planters, Milk Bone, NJ Pets, Madison Veterinary Hospital, Pfizer Animal Health, Perambulating Pets, and Nutrajoint. To quote a race participant, Rainey Farrell, "What an amazing day--you should be so proud of yourself. It was my first H&H but DEFINITELY not my last…you have me for life."

Milk Bone is the event's main sponsor, but other contributions were made by Murray Hill Veterinary Associates, Perambulating Pets, and Liberty Abstract title insurance company. This race is one of two races put on locally by the Rose City Runners Club, the other being one for people-only held at Giralda Farms in Madison, NJ.

St. Hubert's Adoptees

Cody Batastini
Tia Beardslee
Sunchi Rushman
Max Brown
Bing Doyle
Andy Doyle
Lexi Kunion
Rudy Moorhead
Gypsy Nation
Relic Prebenda
Oreo Rushman
Brook Weeks-Wustman



1. David Panush & Karma (lab) 16:12
2. Charlie Wustman & Brook (lab mix) 16:16
3. Mark DePiano & Ernie (border collie) 17:17
4. Chuck Paul & Lady (foxy blend) 17:24
5. Brian Bumgarner & Guinness (Catahoula) 17:34


Shelter or Rescue

1. Charlie Wustman & Brook (lab mix) 16:16

Large Dog

1. Michael Burke & Digger (lab) 17:54

Small Dog

1. Mark DePiano & Ernie (border collie) 17:17
2. Chuck Paul & Lady (foxy blend) 17:24
3. Brian Bumgarner & Guinness (Catahoula) 17:34
4. Rob Curry & Max (lab mix) 17:36
5. Dante DiPirro & Maddie (beagle) 18:40

Competitors Traveling Really Far and Driving Time

Harrison Tyson 2:36
Charlie Wustman 3:17
David Panush 4:50

Hero Awards

Robin Dawson
John Hadcock

Largest Donor

1. Jesse Greenwald

Veteran Dogs

Maxwell Boutillier (13)
Clancy Caufield (12)
Ernie DePiano (10)
Bentley Saradarian (10)
Ace Stikna (10)



1. Cheryl Macoroni & Dakota (Aus. Kelpie) 18:39

Shelter or Rescue

1. Dale DeGraw & Shane (lab) 21:20

Large Dog

1. Pat LaPlaca & Jake (golden retriever) 23:47

Small Dog

1. Bonnie Linton & Brandie (lab) 19:39
2. Wendy Locke & June (lab) 20:09
3. Christina Knapp & Nestor (border collie) 21:37
4. Kathy Capp & Luke (jack russell) 21:51
5. Jennifer Bona & Schatze (Germ. Pointer) 22:51

Competitors Traveling Really Far and Driving Time

Rachael Panush 51:00

Hero Awards

Susan Dawson

Veteran Dogs (Dogs 10 or over)

Jenny Beers (10)