Youngsters Fill Streets of Berwick


BERWICK, PA--The C.W. Heller Memorial Market Street Races are traditionally conducted on the Saturday before Thanksgiving Day. These races officially kick off "Marathon Week" in Berwick. The week culminates with the seventh oldest race in America, the Run For The Diamonds 9 Miler.

The Heller Market Street races have been run every year since 1959; this year being the 44th annual. The race was originally organized to run on Thanksgiving Day. It was for high school runners deemed not ready for the strenuous Diamonds 9-mile course. At the time, most high school cross-country courses were two miles or less in distance.

The race was the idea of C.W. "Bill" Heller. He was Race Secretary of the Berwick Marathon Association and also Berwick High School Cross-Country Coach. Bill Heller was an outstanding athlete. He was an acclaimed race walker; many times ranked in the Top 10 in the country. Also, he had the distinction of being the first Pitt University track athlete to run under two minutes in the 880-yard run (today the 800 meter run).

Through the years, many races have been added for younger runners. This year saw the addition of two half-mile races. This brought the total number of races to nine. The races vary in the age of the runners and the distance of the race.

This year's races were held on a very cold, windy day. Despite this, a total of 397 youths finished their respective race. This was the second largest turnout in the races' history. All runners received a T-shirt and a blue ribbon. The Top 10 finishers in each race received a medal.

The day began with the Girls' Kindergarten and Younger Quarter-Mile Race. Carly Montecalvo chased the man in the orange hat to win in 1:54. Abby Favata finished second and Shayla Traugh third. The top three were within four seconds of each other.

The Boys' Quarter-Mile Race followed. Steven Shannon out-leaned Seth Callahan for the win. Both were timed in 1:52. Logan Woodord finished a close third in 1:54.

The third race was the Girls' Half-Mile for 1st and 2nd graders. Shante Clark won in 4:10, she was followed by India Friday and Bridget Orlando.

The Boys' Half-Mile race followed. Kieran McDonald won handily in 3:39. He was followed by Anthony DiPippa and Eric May.

The fifth race was the Girls' Half-Mile for grades 3 and 4. Isabella Jaffin continued her winning ways with an outstanding time of 3:20. Alli Palermo and Ashley Hill finished 2nd and 3rd.

The very competitive Boys' Half-Mile was next. A total of eight runners finished under 3:30. Andrew Hess took first in 3:13. Conner McDonald was 2nd and Kyle Venditti was 3rd.

The Girls' Mile for 5th and 6th graders was the seventh race. Muriel Adams won in a time of 7:11. Yelena Share was 2nd in 7:17 and Ashley DiPippa was 3rd in 7:25.

The Boys' Mile was next. Albert Gensel "wowed" the crowd by running an amazing 6:27 to win by over half a minute. Matthew Scarpino was 2nd in 7:04 and Braddon Welch was 3rd.

The ninth and final race of the day was the featured 5K for high school and junior high runners. The Top 10 boys were dominated by area runners who had run the PIAA State Meet three weeks before. Shane Clauser, of Pottsville, ran a very even paced race to win in 16:19. Josh Fritz, of Benton, finished second in 16:39. Jacob Stamey, of Danville, was the third and last runner under 17 minutes. He ran 16:48.

In the girls' competition, Janelle Young, of Cedar Cliff, won by over two minutes. Her time was an outstanding 18:42. Ashley Shuck, of Milton, was second in 20:45 and Christa Johnson, of Berwick, was third in 21:13.

The Berwick Marathon Association would like to congratulate all the runners who participated in the races. See you next year!

The Association would also like to thank all the many volunteers who helped make this event so successful!



1. Shane Clauser 16:19
2. Joshua Fritz 16:39
3. Jacob Stamey 16:48
4. Stephen Thompson 17:05
5. Josiah Ramsey 17:10
6. Richard Shaffer 17:17
7. Greg Davis 17:21
8. Greg Bell 17:58
9. John Zaginaylo 18:02
10. Jentre Deibler 18:23

13 TO 15

1. Matt Bonsall 18:29
2. Stephen Shirley 19:01
3. Nick Bickhart 19:33

12 & UNDER

1. David Albertson 20:52
2. Robert Albertson 21:15


1. Matt Bonsall 18:29



1. Janelle Young 18:42
2. Ashley Shuck 20:45
3. Christa Johnson 21:13
4. Kimberly Tanner 22:04
5. Paula Palmitessa 23:07
6. Amber Getz 23:30
7. Kim Gerlach 23:38
8. Lauren Yoxtheimer 24:03
9. Heidi Shuck 24:17
10. Sarabeth Sandell 24:45

13 TO 15

1. Nicole Lawrence 24:58
2. Robin Massina 29:09

12 & UNDER

1. Steph Kiefaber 28:35
2. Cyndi Pinchotti 29:08


1. Christa Johnson 21:13