37th Greenbelt 20-Mile, 27th 10-Mile Event
Held Under Ideal Conditions


ESTER (3RD FEMALE 20-MILES IN 2:54:12) AND JIMMY (1:30:00 IN

GREENBELT, MD--"I wanted to run a lot faster and I just flew in last night. I saw this race advertised when I used to live in Kingsport, Tennessee (The State of Franklin Track Club), and I always wanted to run it. I learned today that I am getting slower. After ten miles I decided I was going to just use it as a hard training run. I usually get stronger as I go along," said Doris Windsand-Dausman, of Richland, Washington, formerly of Frederick, MD.

On Saturday, December 29, 2001, the D.C. Road Runners Club hosted the 37th Greenbelt 20-Mile and 27th 10-Mile Run at the Beltsville Agriculture Research Center. The race was held under ideal racing conditions, along with sunny skies. In 1983, the temperature was 12 degrees and only 62 runners finished the 20-mile run.

The race course was not for the young at heart and you don't ask if there are hills. The 20-mile run was twice out and back. There were four points where the course looped and you could see your competition. The course is an excellent training run in preparation for the Boston Marathon. Less than 150 runners ran in the dual event.

When you go to Greenbelt, is it hiking boots or running shoes? During the first five miles, there is a half-mile stretch along a narrow bike path with a short run through a tunnel, and then a 90-degree left turn up a 50-yard steep climb to the road. Next runners are greeted by a slight grade up to a right turn and then a decline a quarter-mile further to take you to the first mile. This is the point on the return for the steep hill back at mile 9 and 19. After the first mile and up to the fifth mile there are five more hills.

A few notable runners answered the call for both events. Prior winner Jim Hage, of Lanham, MD, ran the 10-mile event. In 1983, at the age of 25, he won the 20-mile run in 1:58:28. In 1998, he won the 10-mile run in 56:58, and in 1993 he won the 20-mile run in 1:55:19.

In 1964, the 20-mile run was won by Lou Castagnola in a time of 1:50:37, with 13 starters. In 1981, Ed Benham, age 74, set a U.S. single age record of 2:48:47.

At the start it was Peter Sherry, Hage, and Michael Wardian blazing the way for the trailing runners. Wardian was losing his edge over Sherry in the 20-mile run, while Hage had the lead in the 10-mile run locked down. Bob Schneider, of Laurel, was rolling fast behind Hage. Schneider took second place at the Reston Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis 8K four weeks prior in 27:57.

McCann was holding a slight edge in the 10-mile run over Suzanne Cote, visiting from Canada. Last year Cote placed fourth in the 20-mile run in 2:28:53. Trailing back in third was Andrea Delgado, age 14, of Springfield. Delgado took fourth place in the Rudolph's Red Nose 10K in 43:50 and ran 3:51:06 in the Marine Corps Marathon.

In the 10-mile run, Hage took another win in 58:58, followed by Schneider in 58:27, with Joe Weiton taking third in 1:00:57. The men's record was set in 1974 (50:47) by Tom Childers (USMC).

McCann held on for a win in 1:13:53 with Cote taking second in 1:14:19. Delgado held on for third in 1:18:26. The women's record was set in 1984 (59:50) by Judy Vivian.

Sherry maintained the assault on the hills and took the win in 1:56:58. Wardian was second in 2:02:50. Keith Winn, of Richmond, was third in 2:09:54 and the first Masters. The Masters record was set in 1982 (1:51:28) by Bob Fischer, then a U.S. single age record for age 42. The overall record was set in 1978 (1:46:46) by Coty Pickney.

Windsand-Dausman maintained a comfortable lead to take first overall and first Masters in 2:23:4 and managed to smash the Masters record of 2:28:40 set by Rebecca Strode, of Springfield, in 1997. The overall women's record was set in 1982 (2:00:39) by Laura DeWald, which was a U.S. women's 20-mile record.

Maria Kozloski, of Washington, was second in 2:35:39. Ester Schaftel, of Baltimore, MD, was third in 2:54:12.




1. Jim Hage 58:58
2. Bob Schneider 58:27
3. Joe Weiton 1:00:57
4. Doug Kuderna 1:01:53
5. Donn Viviani 1:06:19



1. Peter Sherry 1:56:58
2. Michael Wardian 2:02:50
3. Keith Winn 2:09:54
4. Paul Peterson 2:11:12
5. Serge England Arbona 2:14:03




1. Beth McCann 1:13:53
2. Suzanne Cote 1:14:19
3. Andrea Delgado 1:18:26
4. Andrea Begel 1:18:26
5. Kate Thirolf 1:19:47



1. Doris Windsand-Dausman 2:23:42
2. Maria Kozloski 2:35:39
3. Ester Schaftel 2:54:12
4. Janet Holland 3:09:31