Northeast Road Runners, Ancient Order
of Hibernians Division 61 Hold Christmas is for Giving 5K


PHILADELPHIA, PA--Despite the snow and sleet-filled day before, 43 brave souls showed up with unwrapped presents as an “entry fee” for this annual race in Pennypack Park in Northeast Philly on Sunday, December 15.  The trail was snow, slush, and ice covered but the runners had the Christmas spirit.  One runner had a large dog wearing antlers joining the two- legged runners.  One hearty person pushed a stroller with a child wrapped in Eagles blankets.

St. Hubert's High School cross-country team, led by coach Jim Crawford, made up over a third of the runners.  They learned lessons that running a race doesn't teach.  They learned the meaning of empathy for those less fortunate, they learned what a community is about, and they learned that running is not always about winning a race.  Their coach deserves much praise for his spirit and leadership qualities.

The Ancient Order of Hibernians, Division 61, wrap the presents and distribute them to the needy in the neighborhood.  Runners' Advocate and the Northeast Road Runners handle all of the race details.  Each entrant walked away with one or more shirts and also earned leftover prizes from the awards ceremony (candy, candles, blankets, etc.)  Fun was had by all.

An anonymous donor made a contribution to the race to pay for awards in memory of long-time NERRC member and volunteer Jerry Nolan who died last September.

A special thank you to the NERRC's Mike McCloskey, President Mike Clavelli, and Joe Kraher for all they do for the Philadelphia running community.

1. Chris Mallard 20:16
2. Kevin Aaron 22:19
3. Bob Crossin II. 23:13
4. Haley Burns 23:38
5. Katherine Klinges 23:45
6. Jim Sexton 23:54
7. Michael S Gormley 25:00
8. Natalie Olson 25:01
9. Bob Carroll 25:09
10. Ashley Sexton 25:11
11. Teresa Ortiz 25:11
12. Dennis O'Rourke 25:50
13. Bob Crossin 25;51
14. Steve Sawyer 27:40
15. Martine DeLorenzo 29:11
16. Tim Cawley 29:12
17. Meghan Forsythe 29:34
18. Jeannie McNulty 29:36
19. Adrian Karsch 29:40
20. Charles McNulty 29:53