Degenhardt, Stick Capture Inaugural Fall Fest Run


ELDERSBURG, MD--Sheldon Degenhardt and Sherry Stick won their divisions handily in the Fall Fest 5K, held on November 9, for the benefit of the Children's Cancer Foundation.

As the group of eighty-five shivering runners left the parking lot behind the Merritt Athletic Club facility, Liberty High School cross-country coach Bobby Ward set the early pace. By the time the lead pack had finished the first mile in 5:35, Ward, whose boys team had won the state AA championship title the day before, was in the company of four other runners, including Degenhardt and Stick.

As the field finished the loop portion of the course and began the out component of the out-and-back section, Degenhardt, who had run for Wittenburg University in Ohio during his college years, moved into the lead and gradually began to widen it.

During the last mile, run mainly uphill, no one challenged Degenhardt, and he coasted to the finish line with a forty-two second win. Second place was taken by Andrew Bank, a 15 year old from River Hill High School in Columbia. Ward finished as the third male, with teen runner Kevin Bordinki and first Masters runner Everett Jackson also breaking twenty minutes.

Sherry Stick, who changed her name from Esposito as a result of her recent marriage and who was a member of the winning female relay team at the recent Baltimore Marathon, continued her strong summer performances by remaining in the front of the field throughout the entire race. She finished third overall, with a winning margin of over three minutes and was the only female to break twenty minutes.

First Masters runner Tracy Maccherola finished second, closely trailed by triathlete Jenny Caple, Pippa Cowan, and twelve-year-old Carly Reedy.

Buoyed by the presence of more than one hundred and fifty participants in the 5K run and the kids one-mile fun run, race director Colleen Gallagher thanked the management of the Merritt Athletic Club for the use of their facilities and indicated that a second version of the race would be planned for next year.


1. Sheldon Degenhardt 17:48
2. Andrew Bank 18:30
3. Robert Ward 18:51
4. Kevin Bordinski 19:39
5. Everett Jackson 19:57
6. Dean Maccherola 20:05
7. Carl Hertz 20:14
8. Michael Noll 20:22
9. John Black 20:44
10. Bill Weakland 21:01

12 and Under (unisex)

1. Carly Reedy 22:49
2. Danny Austin 24:47
3. Joshua Robinson 27:35


1. Kevin Bordinski 19:39
2. Dean Maccherola 20:05
3. Mike Meadows 21:30


1. John Black 20:44
2. Bill Weakland 21:01
3. Stephen Auvil 22:51


1. Carl Hertz 20:14
2. Michael Noll 20:22
3. Nick Perone 21:49

50 and Over

1. Everett Jackson 19:57
2. Ron Bordinski 23:52
3. Flint Firestone 25:59



1. Sherry Stick 18:44
2. Tracy Maccherola 22:06
3. Jenny Caple 22:14
4. Pippa Cowan 22:24
5. Carly Reedy 22:49
6. Samantha Black 24:57
7. Katie Griffith 25:03
8. Rachel Griffith 25:14
9. Julie Kleb 25:23
10. Stacy Lugenbeel 26:23


1. Samantha Black 24:57
2. Katie Griffith 25:03
3. Rachel Griffith 25:14


1. Julie Kleb 25:23
2. Stacy Lugenbeel 26:23
3. Dawn Eagen 27:10


1. Pippa Cowan 22:24
2. Holly Buckley 28:39
3. Stacy Haven 30:51

50 and Over

1. Martha Trimmer 39:28
2. Jeanette Novak NTA