Six Runners Vie for Win in Close
Run for the Diamonds Race


BERWICK, PA--Runners awoke on Thanksgiving to a beautiful day for running. It was sunny with a slight breeze, and perhaps it was a degree or two warmer than ideal.

Runners began to warm up to the sounds of running songs on the loudspeaker. As always, you could feel the excitement and electricity in the air.

At 10:15 Ed Livsey played the American and Canadian National Anthems on the clarinet. The theme from "Rocky" followed and the runners answered new starter Dick Rimple's gun at 10:30.

A large lead pack led over 950 runners down Market Street. All thoughts were focused on The Hill, beginning at mile two and ending 1½ miles later. But, unlike other years, The Hill would not determine this year's winner. A six-pack of runners remained at the top, and on through the rolling hills to the five-mile mark.

At this point, eventual winner Matthew Wagoner turned on the turbos and ran a 4:30 downhill mile. "I figured I'd just let go and see if I would pull it out," said Wagoner. He did. His surge opened a six second gap as the other runners tried to hang on. And hang on they did. Wagoner, having made his move, now had to force the pace the rest of the way in. Running scared is the terminology used by many lead runners. Incredibly, Wagoner was able to hold back the tight pack behind him. Todd Fach finished second, only seven seconds behind. Then Mike Craighead and William Raitter followed right behind. Jeremy Hoffman and Greg Cauller rounded out a top 6 that only had a total of 19 seconds separating them. This was one of the closest finishes 1-6 in the history of the race.


"My goal was to come here and win a diamond. I thought I had an outside shot of winning, but really was just hoping for a top-seven diamond," said Wagoner. "This is a great race! It is a great town. And the fans are great. They pulled me through late in the race," Wagoner continued.

Greg Cauller took home two diamonds. One for his top-seven finish and the other for being first Masters.

Bryan Stride, of Canada, celebrates Thanksgiving in October, but enjoyed the American one, too, as the Canadian took home the Seniors diamond.

Tony Lawson easily outdistanced the other locals while winning his third local title in a row. He now has four local titles.


The race for the women's diamond pendant was equally tight for most of the race. Sarah Raitter won by a scant eight seconds over second place finisher Laurel Park. Laurel was leading by about thirty seconds as the runners passed the 10K point in the course. "That's when I decided to go after her. But I didn't catch her until the 8-mile marker," said Raitter. "I knew that Laurel has a good kick. That's when I really stepped on it," continued Raitter.

Ann Sick finished 10th overall while taking the Masters diamond.

Barbara Zeske won the Seniors diamond.


Wendy Blass won the first local diamond while finishing eighth overall. She just missed winning two diamonds as a top seven finisher. It was Wendy's fourth consecutive title and fifth overall, the most of any local female. She missed her own local record by a scant nine seconds. Wendy now has run the four fastest local female times ever run.

Plans are already in the works for next year's race.

The Berwick Marathon Association and the fans hope you will be ready to tackle The Hill again, or possibly for the first time!



My First Berwick


Once upon a time there was a race on Thanksgiving Day. They started this race 92 years ago…hey, that like makes it like totally one of the oldest races in the U.S.

I had heard of this race for many years but never made it to Berwick even though I grew up in Pennsylvania.

This race has a lot of different names, some I don't even know. Berwick Marathon is one name (even though it is 9 miles, not 26). Run for the Diamonds is another name. Locals might say something like, "You running the Berwick?" But when they say it, it actually sounds like, "You running the Berrick?"

Personally I call it "Run for the Fossilized Coal" (think about it for a minute).

This year, I had been asked to be on a prerace runners' panel the night before the race. The event was held in conjunction with the Pasta Party.

Also on the panel were Freddi Carlip of Runner's Gazette, RRCA president, and Miss Road Manners, and Tom Carter, long-time runner and past winner at Berwick.

We all had fun at the function, complete with random prize drawings.

I had heard about this course being a very tough one thanks to a series of long hills after 2 miles. It was true. I just took them in stride and tried my best. It was a gorgeous day for a race, cool and crisp.

Thousands of people came out to watch the 1000+ runners running by their homes. They offered good cheer.

I yelled to them saying, "Do you have any ice cream?" Then I heard laughter from them. I don't think they ever heard that before coming from a runner, especially on a cool day. It was Thanksgiving, at least I could have asked them for turkey. But being a vegetarian, I just asked for the ice cream. The crowds really thought that was good enough.

I ran a good, hard, strong race and I thought if I ran fast enough, I may win a diamond, because they have one for first in my 50+ age group.

Nope, I didn't win a diamond. I came in second in my age division. It was hard for me to know who was in my age group and I failed to ask runners in the race, "Ah, excuse me, are you like 50-something," so I just ran my own race. Besides, I was too busy with the ice-cream thing.

I had a great experience of all that is Berwick and felt I gave a Diamond performance. I was happy.

The race director, Margaret Livsey, and her staff treated me very well. I even got a big bowl of ice cream after my race. So as Arnold would say, "I'll be bock."

Primo People and Pasta

About eighty people enjoyed the Pasta Dinner and running clinic. It is held annually the night before Thanksgiving at race headquarters, the Elks Lodge. The Lodge did their usual fine job of serving great food, as much as people wanted.

After the dinner, a clinic was conducted. Three well-known runners were on the panel, but this is where the comparison ended.

Tom Carter was first to speak. Carter is a former record holder of the Diamonds race. His 44:16 was run exactly 25 years ago in 1976. Carter spoke about running with passion and intensity which very few can sustain after so many years. After his speech, many in the crowd were ready to go run the nine-mile race right then.

Freddi Carlip was second to speak. Freddi spoke of her long-time involvement with Runner's Gazette. It is RG's silver anniversary as well. She also talked about her subsequent presidency of Road Runners Club of America. Carlip began by talking about the words she lives by: risk-taking and passion. Her passion for running and her willingness to take risks led her to an incredible life adventure.

Gary Fanelli spoke third. He was introduced by Race Director, Margaret Livsey, who said, "I have no idea what this man is going to say." Margaret, no one else could have guessed either. Fanelli began by passing out ten-thousand dollar bills and ended by throwing "frisbees" to the crowd. In between there were plenty of jokes and laughs.

Two great runners, Tom Carter and Gary Fanelli, demonstrated totally opposite ends of the spectrum. Perhaps Freddi Carlip states it best, "You have to be serious and focused when you run, but you can't take it so seriously that you forget to have fun."


1st Place Matthew Wagoner 47:08
2nd Place Todd Fach 47:15
3rd Place Mike Craighead 47:16
4th Place Bill Raitter 47:17
5th Place Jeremy Hoffman 47:22
6th Place Greg Cauller 47:27
7th Place Rich Stark 47:57
8th Place Greg Remaly 48:36
9th Place Budd Coates 48:52
10th Place Mark Amway 48:54
11th Place Martin Owens 49:01
12th Place Tim Thomas 49:09
13th Place Justin Krebs 49:20
14th Place Michael Lehtoner 49:31
15th Place Shane Anthony 49:49


1. Greg Cauller 47:27


1. Bryan Stride 52:34

15 & UNDER

1st Place David Pearson 54:06
2nd Place Preston Lockwood 56:56
3rd Place Jentre Deibler 57:03

16 TO 19

1st Place Bradley Baird 50:41
2nd Place Justin Dosch 50:56
3rd Place Jeff McCabe 51:15

20 TO 24

1st Place Tony Lawson 51:07
2nd Place Andy Styer 51:51
3rd Place Jacob Trevino 53:56

25 TO 29

1st Place Terry Shea 50:08
2nd Place Kip Hoffman 50:35
3rd Place Scott Karwacki 51:54

30 TO 34

1st Place Dan Pszeniczny 50:02
2nd Place Robert Radzwich 50:39
3rd Place Chris Pszeniczny 53:21

35 TO 39

1st Place Paul Leonard 50:53
2nd Place Mike Ekberg 51:42
3rd Place Kurtis Grohowski 52:41

40 TO 44

1st Place Ken Kondracki 51:18
2nd Place Bob Pulz 53:31
3rd Place Ed Fitzmaurice 54:44

45 TO 49

1st Place Mark Will-Weber 53:13
2nd Place Bill Bull 54:24
3rd Place David Mitchell 55:13

50 TO 54

1st Place Gary Fanelli 53:28
2nd Place Steve Molnar 59:29
3rd Place Rich Adams 59:36

55 TO 59

1st Place Len Sowinski 59:00
2nd Place James Noone 60:05
3rd Place Michael Sheridan 61:19

60 TO 69

1st Place Richard Hause 66:22
2nd Place Jack Whitcomb 67:15
3rd Place Bob Dennison 67:19

70 & OVER

1st Place Al Swinick 83:19



1st Place Sarah Raitter 53:29
2nd Place Laurel Park 53:37
3rd Place Amy Pyles 54:20
4th Place Kristie Reccek 55:28
5th Place Michele Wolyniec 55:31
6th Place Connie Buckwalter 55:55
7th Place Amy Aston-Rome 56:02
8th Place Wendy Blass 58:30
9th Place Kimberly Owen 58:35
10th Place Ann Sick 58:50


1. Ann Sick 58:50


1. Barbara Zeske 71:52

15 & UNDER

1st Place Maria Monks 63:20
2nd Place Whitney Adams 65:59

16 to 19

1st Place Bonnie Kretchik 60:45
2nd Place Jennie Roberts 64:38
3rd Place Lindsey Keller 65:03

20 TO 24

1st Place Tracy Molnar 61:56
2nd Place Lara Judson 62:47
3rd Place Bridgid Curry 62:56

25 TO 29

1st Place Aimee Shebest 61:07
2nd Place Heather Young 64:57
3rd Place Staci B-Warburton 66:47

30 TO 34

1st Place Chris Everdale 63:54
2nd Place Wendy Patton 64:11
3rd Place Mary Leonard 67:12

35 TO 39

1st Place Sandra Stefanski 58:56
2nd Place Kim Gasper 61:10
3rd Place Sandra Fleck 65:09

40 TO 44

1st Place Molly Mitke 59:25
2nd Place Rebecca Micca 59:54
3rd Place Barbara Swan 60:56

45 TO 49

1st Place Lori Adams 60:02
2nd Place Mary Lou Ryan 65:41

50 TO 59

1st Place Nancy Werthmuller 71:57

60 & OVER

1st Place Heide Moebius 78:42