Running Day After Day
After Day…


My very first running streak list appeared in the December 1994 Runner's Gazette on page A-8. The streak research took about 13 months. The end result was a running streak list with 51 confirmed active United States running streaks. The initial response from fellow streak runners, other runners, the running press, and the general public was very favorable. Many individuals and many running publications had attempted running streak lists before, but without great success. My 1994 list was a systematic, dogged approach to a growing subculture in the running community. I had a feeling running streaks were more common then many individuals realized. My early running streak files clearly showed a common pattern among the streak runners. The streak runners had very similar stories. The streak runners had very similar backgrounds. Running every day despite what life throws our way appeals to a large running segment. And these runners became very good at their daily running activity.

The January 2000 Runner's Gazette featured my updated October 1999 running streak list. This revised list contained 87 confirmed active U.S. running streaks. And now the running streak information is really flowing. The Internet is a tremendous information source. Articles and lists can now be posted immediately. E-mail moves information from one end of our country to another in mere seconds. The running researcher is often buried beneath a mound of information and possible leads. But, this is good. A researcher enjoys the fresh information flow.

This brings us to the December 2000 official running streak list. My new list features 113 confirmed active U.S. streaks. The streak numbers are now staggering. Examine the streak list carefully. Five streak runners have run every single day for 30 years. Fourteen have run every day for 25 years. The top 50 runners have run every day for 20 years. Soon, the top 97 runners will have run every day for 10 years without missing a stride. And then, 108 runners will have run every day for over 5 years. These numbers are an incredible running achievement. Hopefully, these numbers will finally bury that old adage that running streaks are bad for a runner's health and welfare. Clearly, a streak runner is in constant touch with his mind and body. How else can one explain the sheer length of these streaks?

Bob Ray still leads the United States list with his April 4, 1967 streak. The top five streak runners are firmly locked in place. There may be other running streaks, which could make the top ten. This is a constant ongoing running project.

Margaret Owens Blackstock remains the top U.S. women's streak runner with her September 9, 1979 streak. Laurie Parton (4/15/1995), one of the Runner's Gazette Writers-At-Large, joins Blackstock and Debbie Cicaati as the only women on the Active United States streak list.

I'm proud to announce some major running streak news. Bob Ray, Margaret Blackstock, John J. Strumsky, Jr., and I are today announcing the formation of the UNITED STATES STREAK RUNNING ASSOCIATION, INC. (USRSA). The sole purpose of the USRSA is "to recognize the accomplishments of experienced runners, who run or have run on a daily basis (said runners also being known as running streakers)."

Bob Ray will serve as the USRSA Honorary Chairman. Margaret Blackstock is the Honorary Vice-Chairman. The Honorary founder is George A. Hancock. The Founder and Organizer of the USRSA is John J. Strumsky, Jr. John Strumsky developed this USRSA concept.

The USRSA has a stated goal. The USRSA exists to "promote an awareness and appreciation for the extraordinary commitment of these daily runners, and to celebrate their enhancement to the sport of distance running."

The USRSA will have three membership classes available to all active or retired streak runners. The Associate Membership class is open to all runners with streaks less then one year old. Also, runners under 21 are eligible for this membership. And, all organized running clubs, track and cross-country teams, and any other organized group, which actively supports the running sport, can become Associate Members.

The Premier Membership is open to all streak runners over the one-year mark.

The Summit Membership is available to all streak runners over the 20-year mark.

These memberships are available to all active and retired streak runners.

Spring 2001 is the proposed USRSA start-up date. Future USRSA proposals include a yearly, semi-annual, or quarterly newsletter, a possible Web site, streak recognition certificates, streak reunions, and several other possible streak meetings.

For more detailed information and a membership application please send a SASE to:

United States Running Streak Association, Inc.
C/O Mrs. Dawn N. Strumsky, Administrator
Mr. John J. Strumsky, Jr.
294 Chalet Drive
Millersville, Maryland 21108
(410) 987-5215

Please note that I now refer to this running streak list as the Official list. The list is Official in the sense that no other individual or group conducts intensive research into the running-streak subject. And now, we have the proposed USRSA behind the running-streak project. This new group will provide sound credence to the running-streak subculture.

I'm asking each streak runner to please stay in touch. Contact me after reaching your streak anniversary date and let me know how your running streak is progressing. I need the following information for the running-streak project:




The official running streak project continues on. Again, I must mention that this running-streak list is not a contest or race, but rather a reference point to one of our sport's unique subcultures.

Please send any new streak information, corrections, comments, opinions, or even running-streak challenges to:

George A. Hancock
1020 First Street
Windber, PA 15963
(814) 467-6908

Official U.S. Active
Running Streak List
(Feb 2001)


The running streak list features the runner's name, the streak start date, the runner's residence, occupation, and age.

1. Bob Ray, 4/4/1967, Baltimore, MD, Retired, 63
2. Mark Covert, 7/22/1968, Lancaster, CA,
Educator, 50
3. Jim Pearson, 2/16/1970, Ferndale, WA.
Educator, 56
4. Ken Young, 7/6/1970, Petrolia, CA, Consultant,
5. Steve DeBoer, 7/20/1970, Rochester, MN,
Dietitian, 46
6. Alex Galbraith, 12/22/1971, Houston, TX,
Attorney, 50
7. David Hamilton, 8/14/1972, Portland, OR,
Sales, 46
8. Stephen Gathje, 9/25/1972, Burnsville, MN,
Actuary, 45
9. Walter Byerly, 11/5/1974, Dallas, TX, Real
Estate, 70
10. Robert Kraft, 1/1/1975, Miami, FL.,
Songwriter, 50
11. Jimmy Behr, 3/19/1975, Staten Island, NY, 53
12. Dick Vincent, 4/23/1975, Palenville, NY, Sales
Rep, 48
13. Kurt Kroemer, 11/26/1975, Bowie, MD, Red
Cross Admin, 39
14. Ronald Kmiec, 11/28/1975, Carlisle, MA,
Concert Pianist, 58
15. Rob Zarambo, 6/15/1976, Whitehall, PA,
Educator, 53
16. Stephen Reed, 6/16/1976, Wiscasset, ME,
Doctor, 53
17. William Stark, 9/10/1976, St. Louis, MO,
Educator, 53
18. Bill Anderson, 9/27/1976, Ft. Worth, TX,
Manager, 55
19. Geza Feld, 10/1/1976, Farmingdale, NY,
Manager, 67
20. John Liepa, 1/2/1977, Indianola, IA, Educator,
21. William Benton, 4/23/1977, Farmington, MI,
Accountant, 50
22. Bill Robertson, 2/8/1977, Ashland, MA,
Analyst, 48
23. Joseph Wojcik, 6/13/1977, Claremont, CA,
Retired, 59
24. Chuck Brumley, 1/1/1978, Saranac Lake, NY,
Retired, 61
25. Larry Baldasari, 1/8/1978, Hamilton Square,
NJ, Supervisor, 50
26. George A. Hancock, 2/26/1978, Windber, PA,
Education, 47
27. Norman Grimmett, 5/7/1978, San Antonio, TX,
Sales Manager, 63
28. Chuck Lindsey, 10/16/1978, Canyon Country,
CA, Educator, 50
29. John Roemer IV, 11/1/1978, Parkton, MD,
Consultant, 40
30. Craig Davidson, 11/5/1978, Phoenix, AZ,
Retail/Educator, 47
31. Scott Ludwig, 11/30/1978, Peachtree City, GA,
JC Penney, 46
32. Chester Tumidajewicz, 12/25/1978, Security
Supervisor, 46
33. Jim Lindley, 12/26/1978, Fargo, ND, Educator,
34. Joel Perish, 1/8/1979, Haverton, PA,
Photographer, 53
35. Charles Holmberg, 3/20/1979, Modesto, CA,
CEO, 52
36. Joseph Hyder, 4/4/1979, Black Mountain, NC,
Real Estate, 49
37. Wayne Gibbons, 5/15/1979, Hackensack, NJ,
Chiropractor, 41
38. Jim Scarborough, 7/9/1979, Rancho Palos
Verdes, CA, Engineer, 66
39. Margaret Blackstock, 9/9/1979, Atlanta, GA,
Homemaker, 56
40. Dwight Moberg, 10/6/1979, Manhattan Beach,
CA, Retired, 68
41. Ben Freed, 12/12/1979, Clarion, PA, Educator,
42. S. Mark Courtney, 12/20/1979, Grove City,
PA, 44
43. Fred Winkel, 12/20/1979, Oyster Bay, NY,
Research, 56
44. Bill Finkbeiner, 1/1/1980, Auburn, CA,
Contractor, 45
45. Layne Party, 1/1/1980, Towson, MD, Manager,
46. Jeff Urbanski, 3/10/1980, Great Falls, MT,
Fitness Promoter, 37
47. Ed Goff, 8/13/1980, Germany, Educator, 57
48. Allan Field, 9/20/1980, Columbia, MD,
Hospital Administrator, 53
49. John Watts, 10/4/1980, Portland, OR, Pastor,
50. Brian Short, 12/26/1980, Minneapolis, MN,
CEO, 50
51. George Brown, 1/6/1981, Richlands, VA,
Educator, 48
52. Pete Lefferts, 1/26/1981, Glenside, PA,
Educator, 45
53. Joseph Sinicrope, 4/22/1981, East Granby, CT,
Educator, 58
54. Mike McAvoy, 5/17/1981, Franksville, WI,
Hospital Administrator, 50
55. Tony Pickering, 5/17/1981, Portland, OR,
Manager, 39
56. Roger Nelson, 8/1/1981, Colleyville, TX, CEO,
57. John Chandler, 8/9/1981, Whitefish Bay, WI,
Financial Planner, 45
58. Bill Leibfritz, 12/3/1981, Midland, MI,
Educator, 44
59. Charlton Matthews, Jr., 10/18/1981,
Automotive Retail, 59
60. Scott Snyder, 12/31/1981, Littleton, CO,
Emergency Physician, 45
61. Bill Moreland, 1/15/1982, Marmora, NJ,
Educator, 54
62. Michael Sklar, 1/20/1982, Dunwoody, GA,
Educator, 57
63. Bob Kimball, 2/3/1982, Pensacola, FL,
Educator, 57
64. Grant McAllister, 8/12/1982, Atlanta, GA,
Sales Manager, 37
65. Jim Hage, 8/17/1982, Lanham, MD, Attorney
66. Kenneth Vercammen, 9/15/1982, Dayton, NJ,
Attorney, 41
67. Kevin Simmons, 9/20/1982/, Hampden, MA,
System Manager, 50
68. Kenneth Korosec, 12/11/1982, Chesterland,
OH, Attorney, 53
69. Jay Kammerzell, 1/1/1983, Everett, WA,
Firefighter, 43
70. John Strumsky Jr., 5/23/1983, Baltimore, MD,
State Farm, 60
71. Len Burton, 6/28/1983, Hot Springs Village,
AR, Retired, 71
72. Doug Holland, 8/1/1983, Tucson, AZ,
Educator, 39
73. David Biersmith, 6/8/1984, Kansas City, MO,
CEO, 64
74. Homer Hastings, 9/8/1984, Newcastle, WY,
Custodian, 57
75. Paul Christian, 9/21/1984, Rochester, MN,
Sports Writer, 59
76. Lou Galipeau, 1/1/1985, Huntsville, AL, Sales
Manager, 55
77. Marty Winkel, 3/21/1985, Titusville, FL,
Manager, 56
78. Matthew Mace, 9/29/1985, Arnold, MD,
Attorney, 40
79. Guy Gordon, 12/25/1985, Newton, NJ, Social
Worker, 42
80. Ronnie Shaw, 1/1/1986, Arlington, TX, Mail
Carrier, 47
81. Ralph McKinney, 1/1/1986, Wilmington, DE,
Consultant, 55
82. Dink Taylor, 6/8/1986, Huntsville, AL, Coca-
Cola, 35
83. Neil Scott, 8/5/1986, Seattle, WA, Reporter, 54
84. John Metevia, 10/12/1986, Midland, MI,
Retail, 43
85. Bill Roger, Sr., 11/12/1986, Levelland, TX,
86. Tony Capon, 12/16/1986, Ebensburg, PA,
Educator, 53
87. David Molnar, 8/30/1987, Windber, PA, 49
88. Richard Englehart, 9/4/1987, Newberryport,
MA, Educator, 48
89. Roger Carlson, 1/1/1988, Stillwater, MN,
Crane Operator, 57
90. A. Eric Gross, Jr., 1/1/1989, Hyde Park, NY,
Sales, 43
91. Ray Lorden, 10/31/1989, Parkville, MD, Postal
Service, 46
92. Mark Washburne, 12/31/1989, Morristown,
NJ, Educator, 44
93. John Wallace III, 12/31/1989, Portland, OR,
Web Designer, 24
94. John H. Wallace, Jr., 12/31/1989, Ishpeming,
MI, Police Officer, 50
95. Tom Loughead, 7/7/1990, Huntsville, AL,
Engineer, 60
96. John Roemer III, 8/1/1990, Parkton, MD,
Educator, 62
97. Jeff Morgan, 12/30/1990, Mission, KS,
Manager, 44
98. Mark Wigler, 7/7/1992, Hubbardston, MA,
99. Patrick Foley, 8/30/1991, Northfield, MN,
Educator, 52
100. Mark Hall, 12/27/1992, Memphis, TX, 41
101. Terry Worley, 4/3/1993, Upland, CA, Case
Worker, 40
102. Jeff Sider, 1/1/1984, Woodbury, NY,
Orthopedic Surgeon, 44
103. Stephen Gould, 4/30/1994, Richmond, VA,
Pharmacist, 50
104. Donald Teague, 5/19/1994, Forest City, PA,
Retired, 70
105. Bob Hensley, 7/2/1994, Port St. Luci, FL,
Physical Therapist, 46
106. Joel Pearson, 8/27/1994, Ferndale, WA,
Student, 15
107. Laurie Parton, 4/15/1995, Newton, NJ,
Trainer, 32
108. Fred Kameny, 7/23/1995, Chapel Hill, NC, 44
109. Ken Johnson, 12/30/1997, Huntsville, TX,
Human Resources, 59
110. Debbie Ciccati, 4/1/1998, San Diego, CA,
Educator, 45
111. Craig Snapp, 4/1/1998, El Cajon, CA,
Retired, 50
112. Peter Colaizzo, 6/28/1998, Hyde Park, NY,
Journalist, 36
113. Weldon Burton, 7/7/1998, Fort Leavenworth,
KS, US Army, 42