This isn't going to be fancy or all-inclusive because we are just about to go to press with this issue of Runner's Gazette. I simply want to mention some people: old-time runners and race directors who have starring roles in my memories of the First Running Boom. (I hope to God I spell their names correctly.)

West Virginia: Carl Hatfield

New Jersey: Tom Osler, Herb Lorenz, Browning Ross

New York City: Ted Corbitt

Rochester: Derek Frechette

Baltimore: Mike Sabino, Les Kinion, Marge Rosasco

Hagerstown, Md.: George Keim, Wayne Vaughn, Terry Baker

Washington area: Larry Noel, Phil Stewart, Sandy Haley, Max White, Chan Robbins, Jay Wind, Peter Nye, John Davenport, Sal Corrallo, Ray Morrison, Mary Walsh, John Commander, Bill English, Herb Chisholm, Mary Ellen Williams, Mark Baldino

From Pennsylvania:

Harrisburg area: Nick Marshall, Park Barner, Caroll Myers

Monongahela: Paul Marraccini

Johnstown: George Hancock, John Hess, Steve Molnar

Altoona: Dick Gottshall

Wilkes-Barre area: Vince Wojnar, Ray Krombel

Allentown/Bethlehem: Carmen Hagelgans, Herb Townsend

Reading: Charlie Trayer

York: Clay Shaw, Ben Hyser

Jim Thorpe: Drew Benyo

Lansford: Ed Gildea (founder of Runner's Gazette)

Nesquehoning: Haydn Gilmore (first associate editor of RG)

Sunbury: Bob Huffert, Stan Seiple

Lewisburg: Andy Anderson, David Cartwright, Francis "Red" Gallagher

Renovo/Lock Haven/Jersey Shore/Williamsport: John Markert, Ron Markert, Jim Dolan, John Anderson, Ron Kodish, Rudy Hatfield, Ray "Monk" Stiner, Gary "Ace" Stiner, Glenn Stephens, Dirk Schenck, Penny Parks

Erie: Jim Swan

Pittsburgh area: John Harwick, Sam Bair, John Graham, Don Slusser, Tammy Slusser

Philadelphia area: Bill King, Dick Harris

Chambersburg: Chuck Lesher

Mansfield: Ed Winrow, Welles Lobb

State College: Harry Groves, Dave Colton, Tory Parsons, John Lucas, Pete Bortolotti, Mike Lilburn, Terry Losch, Tom Jech, Paula Jech, Clyde Doll, Marie Doll, Mike Doll, Barb Swan, Rosie Walsh, Bob Heckard, Greg Fredericks, Charlie Maguire, Paul Stemmer, George Malley, Peter Cavanaugh, Tom Clarke, Dick Mansfield, Truman Hershberger, Hersch Leibowitz, Dan Toy, Dion Stewart, Gerry Glyde, Sue Crowe, Bob Crowe, Dave Felice, Art Boettcher, Art Costantino, Mark Hutton, Peter Weiss, Josh Tobey, Janet Norem, Margie Tennyson, Liz Berry, Dennis Gildea, Mark Parker, George Etzweiler, John Sweet, Chuck Kirby, Bill Kvashay, Jeanine Fink, Carl Bechdel, Dave Voltmer, Earl Baum, Hugh Hammill, Don Gannon, Tom Pigott, Don Uphouse, Martha White, Bob Hudson, Kathy Mills, Norm MacMillen, Don Mengle, Carol Mengle, Dave Mengle, Frosty White, George McWilliams, Liz Cunningham

What I wouldn't give to wake up tomorrow morning, go to a race, and see all of them there. The postrace festivities would turn into an all-day affair, of course. Near the end of the day, with the sunlight fizzing through the trees like sparklers, we'd still be standing around telling our favorite running stories.

Bernie Greene is proud to have been part of the First Running Boom.