From Freddi

We'll be enjoying October's bats, which have become a Halloween staple on RG's website. Beginning with November, RG will be migrating to a new website.

It's bittersweet saying good-bye to good friends Warren and Patti Finke. Warren has been working on RG's website since the beginning, in 1999, before most running publications even thought of having a web presence.

Warren designed our website, set up our PayPal account for subscriptions, and patiently put up with my lack of tech knowledge.

Thanks to Warren, I've grown in the tech area, and thanks to Warren, our website is easy to navigate, follows the RG model, and looks wonderful. The bats are my favorite.

Thank you Warren, and also Patti, who did some of the work when Warren developed health issues. They are both good friends who have been so good to me and to RG.

The Finkes are moving away from the tech stuff which means RG needs to find a new home and a new Webmaster. Warren Finke will be a hard act to follow. We wish Warren and Patti all the best as turn the page on a new chapter.

Stay tuned, RG family...